Forex Trading courses beyond the basics

Hello -

Can anyone recommend a, preferably free, intermediate forex training course that does not go over the basics (such as elementary candlestick patterns, uptrend/downtrend explanations etc.) and is more handson with strategies that actually work on the market?

It’s quiet urgent as I really want to learn new things and apply new strategies as my system is not working out very well.


Look don’t wast your time looking for a easy way to trade. The best system call time and in 10 years from now you will see that I was right. Stick with baby pips school. And goo luck!!!

In addition to baby pips and the adv material there, you can check out FF and FPA…

Hello Wealthytrader

Come to this price action thread: a strategy discussed by Chris Crape which may meet your thrust that you want to know. You may not need to pay anything since some good articles there may work for you.


Haha. The people here are jokes… Babypips is great as an introduction, but it wont make you a profitable trader alone - it just dips your feet into the world of forex, essentials for any new trader.

However, whilst there are little bits of gems on FF and FPA, using those forums will not make you a successful trader.

What you need to do is read Chris Capre’s articles on his website and join any of his courses. Nobody teaches trading better.

So that would be my recommendation.

Hope it helps,

Thanks, I’ll have a look at Chris Capre’s articles.
Any other recommendations in the mean time?

Chart time. The market is your best teacher. But Chris can give you a set of tools so you can look at the markets with clarity.

Nobody becomes a pro after a few months, it takes time to become a successful trader, but if you stick at it, you can do it too.

Hope it helps,

Is there a consolidated and free version of the basic approach Chris Capre uses?

yea sure. the 200 pages on the thread will give you a pretty good idea of advanced PA

Chris Capre has no public verified trading record as far as I know, and is basically another “price action” vendor who seem to pop up every 2-3 threads nowadays. I might start a thread myself as a price action guru.

It absolutely will.
Haters gonna hate.
Potatoes gon potate.


Indeed, I know a very good one, it is called THINK FOR YOURSELF AND STOP SEARCHING FOR MORE COURSES.