Forex trading is long time career to sustain daily life?

Very few people got in early enough and you are correct on selling it. I know people who bought Bitcoin for under $100 and all sold well before it hit $1000

It can be only after good years of practice and developing skills.

I wouldn’t reccommend it. It’s hard for others to understand your decisions to go full time. Especially family. Make sure you have a huge back up plan

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There are certain big companies and a number of traders who do trading as their primary business. It is also true that many choose forex as their secondary source of income. This may be due to the fact that one needs money to invest in forex trades. So I think that many traders do a primary job from which they source money and invest a part of their income in forex trading.

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Speaking from experience maybe?

A second job in hand is always a good option. You can probably give it a shot first and see if it works for you.
And also, trade with only that money that you would not need anytime soon.

I think this is solely your decision, but according to me keep forex always a secondary as it is risky business.

Yes, it is going to be totally the decision of the trader, but I would recommend that if you are willing to make it your career, make sure you have another source of income too. Without back up plan, don’t step into the Forex Market.

Every kind of trading can be a career for you the matter is do you eager to learn it? Actually, I tend to argue that every type of job can become a long time career whether trading or not. You should ask yourself do you really want it, do you really want to spend your time everyday on learning and practicing? In that case forex trading almost doesn’t differ from other kinds of trading, the rules are the same everywhere. So, in my opinion everything depends on desires, purposes and how much time you afford yourself to spend on it. The main is to set the right aim and then nothing will interfere your plans.

Find some guys with a funded account. I think there are several here. I wonder if they’d give you an honest answer if you message them directly, or at least a ball park figure.

everyone has their own approach to forex, and here traders can be divided into two parts, those who accept it as a permanent job, and those who just try it for themselves as an additional activity, it all depends on the attitude of the trader himself

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I don’t think so. For me forex trading and traing ast itself must be a hobby and not a primary source of income under any circumstances. People who give up the work and start trading hoping that it will bring them money in first months of trading must understand that it’s almost impossible. Of course there are exceptions but traders on their initial stages have to orient on majority of traders. As the second source of income it’s the best choice. Trading should serve as an economical airbag which can help you when you face bad times, you know. Or maybe by this time your scores will be so high that you will decide to dive into trading.


If you learn to work well, then Forex may well become a profession for life. Everything depends on the trader’s profit.

Answering your question I don’t personally think that people have to make a trading as their main source of earnings. I mean, until you don’t start make big money from it.You know that trading is such a kind of activity which is similar to roller coaster. Sometimes it can be profitable, otherwise it also can be very loss-making. That’s why I don’t recommend people who have a job and doing trading give up their main job until they start earn solid sums of money on trading. However it requires a lot of time, knowledge and skills, I believe it should take a few years until people can consider trading as the main source of money.

Very truth, I want to learn and make more money. Am a freelancer

I think trading is not a career or source of income. It’s more like a hobby. You work to make money and lose them in the market as a form of enjoyment

There are several posters here making money from trading. Enough to live off? Hard to say. And many do this more than just a hobby.

It all depends on how much you like trading and how professional you are in this. I know people who live only on money from trading. But they spend a huge amount of time on this.

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Not everyone can become a full-time forex trader.
If you keep your current position and combine that with forex trading, you can reduce the pressure on you and perhaps become more successful than traders who trade all day.
Although, it’s quite possible to make forex a lifestyle. There are hundreds of real examples of people living off of Forex trading or other markets. The main thing in this business is not to rush, not to lose money and let profits grow. It would seem - nothing difficult! But, unfortunately, few average traders can say that their main income is Forex trading. Most traders consider Forex to be an additional source of income.

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If someone has the expertise and knowledge to continue forex trading full-time, it is great. But unfortunately, everyone cannot become a successful full-time forex trader. Forex trading in the live market is not as easy as said. It takes a lot of knowledge and hard work for someone to do it full-time. I never recommend anyone to take any risks until and unless they are sure about it and can afford it in case they make a loss.

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