Forex trading is not a hobby

I do enjoy contributing to a charity, but my satisfaction comes from knowing I have brought joy to someone, not from acknowledging I lost money; in a charity case I don’t see it as losing money but giving it away. My point is that there is no fun in losing money unintentionally.

oh my… let me know if you need any more surgeries, because i have a ton of basic hand tools and i also have a razor knife and duct tape.

my rates are very reasonable… i am able to shave costs because we just skip the anaesthesia and we just knock you out with a pipe wrench.

I am an unlicensed internet surgeon… /s

There is a difference between a hobby and trading: discipline. Forex is a serious errand, and you can easily lose money. I like to think of it as my job because I want returns.

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Exactly, no hobby requires such determination and persistence. Those who have made it should not mislead these beginner traders as if their initial years were a walk in the park.

not only forex but other cryptocurrencies too.

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You can have fun while trading, but it is not a hobby because you lose money in it. Hobbies don’t cost us mentally either. As a trader, sometimes you are under pressure to make the right trading decisions.

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Hi @tradecode,

I was a little disturbed when I first read this, but I used my learnings from Forex training to be patient in my reply. It brought back memories of being taken to a hospital in eastern Italy to have emergency heart surgery, followed by three operations in the UK to correct two abnormal heart conditions - congenital Wolf Parkinson White syndrome, and angina after forty years of smoking. Interesting that I quit exactly one year before I had my unfortunate Italian business trip experience. Long story short, after a lifetime in what most people may call “dangerous jobs” like offshore North Sea, that was the only time in my entire life that I have had to contemplate the outcomes of dying before you expect to die.

A week of contemplation over that unfortunate comment, which now I am sure was meant only in humour, has enabled me to respond. I now see the funny side of your comment. :joy:

hello mondeoman,

i really should be more careful because my humor is so very dry, my bad…

but obviously, there is no such thing as an INTERNET SURGEON.


how you doing today, sir?

do you know what is concerning to me? is that i sometimes see my old posts and i can barely remember writing it…

i have been on this project way too long.

Thanks for quick response. I am doing well thank you and thanks for asking. I have had flu for the past 2 or 3 weeks (flu vaccination and Covid booster, and I have to be a good citizen and resist all those conspiracy theorists) so feeling a little sh_t. :wink:

So I got up at 05:00, mainly because I can’t sleep but also because I took a sneak look at Coingecko and realized that I want to pile in to an existing position and don’t have free cash. So I have got up early to liquidate some positions that are in small loss, to free up cash. I got side-tracked, as i often do, on Babypips. LOL.

I listened to a sound bite you recently posted about your onion router brokerage. I know you are a software engineer (I think they say coders these days), and that specialisation is one that fascinates me because I never really got into doing it myself as an engineer - apart from once out of force of necessity when I pre-sold a new product to Shell International and the useless software team in our global company quoted me five months to deliver a data reduction program. I stole a IBM PC from the stores at work, took it home on the weekend, and wrote a program in Basic to do the job for me. That was 1985 when an IBM PC cost about $18K.

Please stay with us on Babypips. There are a lot of people who need real experience and advice about EAs, RPA and the like.

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I don’t think losing money could be a hobby. If one plans to start trading he has to be disciplined and hobby doesn’t require it.

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Agreed. I took up trading because I’m a stay at home mom and never realized just how much work it would be. Definitely consider it to be a job and it can be stressful at times. On the bright side, I’d much rather be able to contribute and it’s helped my family out tremendously, so I plan to continue doing it indefinitely.


Forex trading is not a hobby because it involves financial capital, giving it an entirely different dimension than just having fun. People should take forex trading seriously because it involves real money that needs to be well-managed. Everything about forex trading is real, from the financial risks involved to the time commitment to research and analyze trade ideas.

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@Mindihilton very true! Trading can never be considered as a hobby. Losing money for fun can only be applicable when you spend it in a club and not on trading. Trading requires hard work.

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You can definitely have fun while trading, but equating forex as a hobby is a big no. You can’t lose money for fun. It can heavily cost you if you don’t study the market well.

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Forex trading is a risky business, and you can easily lose money. Because I want to see results, I like to think of it as my job.

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Same! I won’t associate trading with a hobby. It’s fun, but it requires you to be mentally and physically present.

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It is true! Forex is a serious profession. Whether you do it part-time or full-time, do it with full dedication otherwise it can cost you big losses. I would recommend you start trading with low risks and focus on creating a strategy that gives you returns, even if small.

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If you’re not having fun in any type of investment research/trading I don’t know what to tell you lol.

Those of us who enjoy this and have fun in every step of the process are the ones who I bet are the best.

Look at how happy people like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger are.

I certainly can not win an argument were one has made himself believe in his own illusions. All I know is the losses I make are overwhelming, the headaches I get from my research are a burden to my mind, and I do not trade on my free time but instead on my working hours. Do not get me wrong, I do enjoy the fruit of trading; it’s just the requirements which are necessary for me to evolve, that I find bitter.

Seriously need to hear more stories from people like you! Maybe the mods here can do a feature on you one day!

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