Forex TV? Does this exist

hey guys I’m a new member! my name is KINGpip. I have been forexing for about 6 months so far, How does everyone out there get their daily fundamentals?
I want to know is there a site where it is dedicated to fundamental forex reports or I’m ultimately trying to find a online tv station that will feed me all the daily fundamentals…DOES THIS EXIST??? I’m looking forward to finding out

Try to use Bloomberg TV,perhaps CNBC…

excellent, I will give it a go! thanks…

goto and type in forex. you will be amazed with what comes up. All related to investing.

I second this. I use for explanations on indicators since it is more easy for me to understand when something is presented with a visual.


youtube…sounds good. I’m going to give it a try.
I use Currency Trading News, Forex Trading News, FX News, Forex News for general daily fundas including forex calender but it only contain us calender and no european events

i see a lot of ppl using saxobanks’ website for lot of news, fundas & charts…infact I know a big time professional fx trader at an investment bank using saxobanks free charts…

Thanks for the tip on saxo banks calendar… I’ve been looking for something more comprehensive and it doesn’t get much better than that!!!