Forex Update: Which Central Banks Are Still Raising Interest Rates?

Interest rates have a huge impact on forex trading, and currently, central banks appear anxious to enact rate hikes as inflation pressures persist globally. With three monetary policy meetings this week, the Australian dollar, British Pound and Euro could be subject to a jump in volatility as the RBA, BOE, and ECB all continue to hold a hawkish bias. However, only one bank shows a substantial risk of an imminent hike this week. Who will it be?

The chart below highlights which central banks we consider to have the most severe tightening bias and more importantly, which are the most likely to increase interest rates in the near term. While all of them have demonstrated a hawkish stance lately, certain factors pertinent to their respective economies leave banks, such as the Bank of England and the Bank of Canada, prone to earlier action.

First Up: Reserve Bank of Australia: A Consistent Hawk But No Hike
Rate Announcement: July 3, 2007 at 23:30 GMT

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Knowing the interest rate outlook for the countries that are meeting this week is not enough. In order to determine where their respective currencies are headed, we need to know what the outlook for the US Federal Reserve is as well. The Fed now has the month of July off from making any policy decisions, as their next rate announcement is not scheduled until August 7th. However, sentiment on the direction of US rates resonate throughout the world, so it is worth noting what they?ve said recently, and what their next move could possibly be:

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Rate Announcement: July 10, 2007 at 11:00 GMT[/B]

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