Fortrade broker SCAM!

My experience with fortrade broker is terrible. Fortrade is not professional broker and it’s scam. When comes the moment when you want to withdrawall your money they will ignore you. I’m waithing for one month to withdrawall my money and it is nothing of it. Now I have to contact Financial Counduct Authority to help me for this problem. Do someoneelse have same problem and what can I do with this problem?

@Mr-Pip I am sorry to hear this…Personally I have never heard of Forttrade but luckily they are regulated by the FCA so you should get your money back.

What reasons are they giving for not returning your money?

Generally, Brokers can take up to 5 days to return clients money. It may be an instant deposit into your account but they are allowed some leeway when it comes to returning the money.

In the future, it might be best to withdraw in several orders. Instead of one big one because they might think you are leaving their platform

I am always skeptical of brokers that have been regulated by foreign and questionable governments like Belarus.

Never trade with those guys - and after this, probably never will.
Ironically, hope you at least didn’t had much on their accounts so the potential loss isn’t that big.

More and more I think I got really lucky with my first broker, because that never happened to me - my withdraws are normally made in a couple hours, sometimes minutes even.

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Not heard of them but if FCA Regulated you should be ok?


Sorry to hear about your experience with this broker. Hope you’ll get your money back.

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I have never heard of this trader but since its FCA regulated and you have contacted them, you should get your money back soon. Probably in a week or so.
It’s funny how brokers react to client requests. Some resolve client issues the same day and same take a step back and don’t really care.

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I told tham that I’m leaveing theitr platform, that becouse I need that money for some reason, it’s my money.
They ignore my message and I’m waiting for one month. I already contact FCA and they give me the way against Fortrade

I don’t know how already exist this broker

I hope so.

And you’re saying they are regulated? That’s baffling.

Does sound odd.

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Second time this week a regulated broker scams one of us.
Imagine how’s things with people who don’t have a community to talk about it.

FX sometimes is terrifying.

Thanks for sharing your experience

Please share link of this Scam Broker?

i had a demo with them a while back, they was always phoning same individual from the Baltc originally, pestering me to go live.They will make any possible excuse to delay your withdrawal. theory is you get bored and carry on trading again,till you lose everything, alot of online sports betting companies are like that too ,ring at least 4 times a day its free number till it get sorted
good luck

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they are scum but they are FCA

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There is a lot of scam among the broker, alas. I already work in this industry enough, and I had to meet them. Now, fortunately, I use Amarkets for work - a rather reliable and profitable option for work.