Found a Forex Trader for Albertans

It took me two years but go try

They are super professional. Uses metatrader 4. Good phone app.

I uploaded 500 American dollars it was through and it was in my account within 30 minutes. I have verified it with my documents the day before for both and

Once I made a profit I transferred the profit back to Skrill. Com Then from Skrill. Com I transferred it to net teller. Com and from I now have a wire transfer pending to my account which takes a couple of business days so I haven’t seen it come through yet but so far so good.

If I could get Skrill to Simply do a wire transfer to my bank I could skip the NetTeller process it so far Skrill is more complicated to send a bank transfer through so I send my winnings into into Skrill and then I send my Skrill to my NetTeller and my NetTeller a bank wire transfer which hopefully will work at all in all nothing is ever been easier than this Alberta is absolutely impossible to trade in and is as easy as you could possibly hope for. You can’t imagine the nightmare it is trying to find any place that’s decent that will let you trade from Alberta but this is the real thing it only took me two years to find someone. Avatrade even sent me their MasterCard and I still to this day cannot figure out how to get money up to Ava trade accepted via a bank transfer video in that is so complicated I can’t figure it out. If they don’t want my money FX certainly doesn’t professional and actually answer their chat and they send you a daily total of all your trades in your email wins and losses which is super nice for your records. Good luck albertans I know this is an absolute nightmare to try to Wade through and I have the patience of a saint but this was really really tough but I think we finally have a site that works that takes our documents takes our money and possibly actually lets us retrieve our winnings miraculously enough. Also I called the gaming commission Securities in Alberta and they told me that Forex Trading is not illegal as long as it’s overseas they just strongly advise against it so as long as you keep records and pay your taxes on your winnings you’re not doing anything illegal but they sure make it insanely difficult and I bet you almost nobody in Alberta gets this far it literally took me 2 years and God bless this Forex Trading place cuz it’s the only one that works.

You have to submit documents to all these different places for every single time you do something like when I added my Visa debit I had to send documents when I verified my account I had to send documents I had to do it and Skrill I did to it neteller I feel like I’ve sent my account numbers all over the Internet and have gotten some weird telemarketing calls suddenly but whatever mission accomplished good luck everybody.

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Congratulations @Blackmamba42 - It’s great to see the free spirit get ahead of the fat controllers - lets hope it stays that way for you ! :sunglasses:


I’ve been trying my best as well to find a way to trade from Alberta. Have you received your profits 100% safely to your bank account no problem? From what I understand… you have your profit is pending

Thank you

Hello nice to meet you I am still using FX TM calm at the moment they’re totally awesome I’m actually staring at their technical indicators and their five Pivot Point strategy and having a heart attack as I’m realizing I suck at making decisions lol but they are totally amazing they even Skype me they talk to me I still haven’t even bothered taking any profits out because I haven’t made any money at the moment I’ve been playing with my strategy so the one time I did. I’ve got 8000 Canadian open this account right now and I’m not concerned about it at all they seem to be very on the ball super helpful I mean I know wer’e super Limited in Alberta. But what I would do is use skrill get your money up to them and then even just open a cent account with 20 or 100 bucks in it. To try it out and get a feel for them. I have a cent account I use as well. I totally understand but I haven’t actually completed anything yet as far as downloading it back into my bank. If you upload a hundred starter centaccount you could trade with them and then you could try to withdraw like maybe 90 bucks back into your account and see if it works I just haven’t bothered because it took me so long to get here and they seem super stable like they’re they seem like good people to be completely honest but I know that’s not worth much on the internet but they seem pretty good. If you use the mt4 trader when you sign up with them just start a cent account and then put your hundred bucks or 20 bucks in there. The only reason I’m suggesting a hundred is because I think there’s a limit to how much you can actually do a bank draft for it to download it back into your bank account and I think that’s why mine failed cuz I tried to do it for $25 instead of 50 and then it takes a couple of days to work so I just got bored which is not the best answer but true lol. If I make a bunch of money I’m going to try to download it to my bank account and if it’s successful I’ll come back here and let you know. I really like fxtmcom com like nothing has screwed up yet and I have like to EC n accounts I have one standard account I have a cent account I have to demo accounts nothing goes missing you can transfer your money between accounts internally for free as well which is nice.

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I don’t mean to butt in here, and I certainly don’t want to take this thread off-topic.

But, I’m curious to know whether you looked into any of the 13 brokers we have listed in
The Offshore Broker List ?

That List is tailored to U.S. residents. But, as you probably know, we face the same sort of governmental restrictions in the U.S. that you face in Canada. And the legalities are similar in the U.S. and Canada – it is not illegal for us, or for you, to trade with offshore brokers, although our governments try their best to discourage it.

Anyway, just thought I’d ask.

By the way, the black mamba is a scary African snake. How did you come to choose that for your screen-name?

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Black Mamba is from Kill Bill LOL. I tried so many places to try to trade from Alberta, is an absolute nightmare. was the only one that would actually let me trade from Alberta. I literally tried so many it’s unbelievable. - Signed the Girl with her own inscribed katana :wink:

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Thanks for the detailed response Blackmamba42. I have one more question. When you say that “Forex Trading is not illegal as long as it’s overseas they just strongly advise against it so as long as you keep records and pay your taxes on your winnings you’re not doing anything illegal”… does this mean that they want us to physically trade overseas? Cuz right now the rules in alberta dictate we pretty much have to be a millionaire to trade forex at all. Why is forex time the exception? And if allowed, how do prove that the overseas broker is legit? I just don’t want to be in any legal trouble ya know? P.S. I made a demo account and was surprised they take Albertans but not BC, SK, and Quebec residents. I appreciate the feedback! Thank you.

Hello! My pleasure and I totally understand your absolute shock because I almost fell over when they took me as well lol - I called the Alberta gaming commission or whatever it is Alberta security commissions or whatever it’s called and I talked to the guy for about 30 minutes and I asked him specifically twice so if I find someone to take my money and I trade overseas as long as it’s overseas it’s not illegal and he said it is not illegal as long as you pay your taxes declare everything but you cannot trade unless it’s offshore and he said the problem with offshore is most of the places you go to fold and take your money I did talk to him for about 30 minutes. And he told me all the horror stories of people losing millions of dollars and trying to be conservative and almost everyone fails and not to bother. But I do find fxtmcom nice. I recognize that Americans and people in other provinces have a huge range to choose from but I have to say I feel pretty lucky that we get at all. I did everything on the face of the earth is trying to trade with avatrade they trade even sent me a MasterCard with my name on it and I could not for the life of me get money up into their site I did it once a couple of years ago when they accepted PayPal but they don’t anymore so I gave up on them. I really like all the different types of accounts at fxtm. Com. The guy that I spoke to said that they are actually a real e c n or e n c broker they seem to be very nice people Forex is scary and hard enough as it is but in Alberta it’s an absolute nightmare to try to find anyone that will even take your money. And that is why I posted this here because I looked for years literally like people think I’m kidding I even told them at that I’ve been trying for 2 years to try to find any reputable overseas company to help me and I literally couldn’t find anyone that would take Albertans. Or when I found them it was so complicated to sign up for I couldn’t get my money up or I couldn’t get it down or on and on and on it’s just a nightmare until fxtmcom.

I totally understand about being concerned if it’s illegal but I literally asked the guy twice so cuz I have zero desire to break the law in fact I would just move to another country and be a traitor but it looks like this is okay you could certainly call them I think it’s the Alberta Securities Commission or gaming commission and they will tell you, it certainly doesn’t hurt to check twice. Is just absolutely brutal to try to even to set up an account as an Albertan.

Also on fxtmcom com did you notice under trading Services they have daily trading signals and they also have the five pivot point system so you can look and they’ll tell you what they think is going to happen for the next 15 30 hour for hour day week month charts.

I find it mostly just end up confusing me but it is kind of cool that they put it there for us it’s they really are nice people.

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Oh and in response to why they let Forex time do it and they don’t let other companies do for albertans I asked him that and he said it’s because they are actually an e c n or e n c broker and our government hasn’t had any reason to shut them down yet so who knows that’s what his answer was. He actually seemed to have no idea how difficult it was for albertans to trade with them. I’ve been there for 2 months, I mean I can’t lie I would be surprised if the other shoe didn’t drop at some point because they really don’t want us to trade in Alberta but so far so good.

And honestly the lessons you get from Trading with real money versus being on a demo account arenight and day. Even if this $8,000 I uploaded was gone tomorrow I would consider it money well spent because I’m actually learning what costs me money via my horrible mistakes, I’m learning what it feels like to lose my money and break out in a sweat almost fall over. I’m learning what it feels like to be excited to win $9. We can put a smile on my face for 3 days. You really can’t put a demo account against real money - like I even I thought I was pretty disciplined and I thought I would treat them same but I literally traded it completely differently when it was my cash. I was doing fine on the demo then got real money and decide to be completely conservative and freak out so, do the opposite of everything I did on a demo lol - being able to trade with real money is invaluable. I want the skill and experience to do this, and so if I have to move to another Province or country I’ll be ready because that actually accepted me.

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Thank you Blackmamba43. This really takes alot of my fears out due to your experience. Its great you have taken the long road and figured this all out. Well, if you are trading just fine from inside Alberta (Not anywhere else), then I guess it’s about time for me to go real trading and get this done :smile:

I have my fingers crossed for when I file my taxes. sent me my first month’s confirmation sheet of all the trades I did. I did 41 trades, 29 of them were successful. I lost $776. However in my Cent account, I traded 5 trades which were all wildly successful. So I went from 1500 pennies to 1675 pennnies with no losses. That’s what you get for changing your trading style because you freaked out! In the penny account, I treated the way I normally trade in a demo. And in the account that had eight thousand Canadian, I freaked out and I tried to be conservative, and my $776 loss certainly reflects it. Now, that it’s March we’re going to smarten up :sweat_smile: and go back to the style in which we were accustomed to trading, so basically, do what I did on my penny account/cent account. The fear of losing substantial amounts of money certainly ruined my strategy, and caused me to blindly jump in and out of trades in absolute terror, but that’s a new trader thing I guess LOL. Here’s to next month! I hope you guys have a great spring trading in Q2 2018!

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Awesome progress Blackmamba42.

Have you tried withdrawing your profits yet??

There’s alot of complaints online about people not getting their withdrawals. It would be amazing to hear from you if it does work.


Lol thanks! I made $66.63 today on five trades in total! I have not bothered to withdraw yet. I won’t until I make my 5k back and and an extra $1000 on top of that then I’ll try. I’ll let you know if that ever happens. I’m not worried about this company. Withdrawing to your bank can be confusing anywhere. I know for 100% for sure I can get money out from fxtm to Skrill. But from Skrill to a bank account or card I don’t know. I think from fxtm to a bank deposit is best. When the time comes I’ll worry about it then hopefully I won’t be broke before that happens lol. As I said before I literally don’t care about this $8,000 what I care about is that an actually using real money and I’m learning how to trade with real money and every single day is an adventure of not completely freaking out when my trade goes into negative $50. Every single day I think I get better and then every single day there’s a new psychological challenge to overcome. Like today I was treating one and I did the same thing wrong two days in a row I hedge myself after I sold at the top the very very top and then it kept going up and so I had to myself but want to go out to about $16 in the negative the first day I bailed and then it went up to like hundreds of dollars and then the second day I bailed earlier this time at $13 but the same thing happened again so even though you tell yourself one day and not to do something the next day or in the same situation where you expected to go and then tell yourself not to freak out like you actually need a time when it’s time to freak out and it can’t be something that you determine later you have to know before going in this is the point where you freak out and get it which I guess is called a stop-loss which I’m not fond of but same difference lol but I know it sounds absolutely insane but this money that I put up here it means nothing to me what I want is the skill to be able to do this so if I have to start over again I know what I’m doing, and you literally cannot learn how to trade on a demo account. I wouldn’t say it’s a complete waste of time but it’s pretty close in the sense of you will just have to completely differently reality with real money. The demo you learn lessons and then you’ll have real money and do the complete opposite it’s like you have to find the median Middle Point. It’s really psychologically intriguing and terrifying and I’ve had a heart attack 50 times today holy God lol

Update. Broker is still good,, perfect, never gone down, love these guys, no issues. I started with 5000 American I tried a bunch of strategies that I did not like and didn’t work for me and went down to 3700. I’m almost back up to 5,000 now that I have stopped listening to anyone else, and went back to trading in the specific spots I like to trade at. I just wanted to update that I’m alive and well and that once I’m back to 5000 which I almost home I’m going to start splitting my profits 50% in a bank account and 50% will be added to my trading account and then at the end of the year all declare what I have made pay the taxes on it and whatever’s leftover I’ll spend so I’m not going to actually spend my profits until you’re after I’ve made them. But I’m alive and well thanks to the fact that I stop listening to other people strategies and just went back to treating in the few specific spots and I chart that I prefer I almost never buy only sell and I’m comfortable I’m happy it’s a process so if you go broke don’t feel bad but if you are going broke stop treating and go back to what you really like to do go back to the way you treated when you thought you could actually do it for me that is trading on the one-hour chart selling at the highest high the new highest high on the charts already in a very high position weekly or daily. Everyone has their own specific ways to trade and me trying to listen to other people’s formulas and strategies was a huge mistake I go with the strategy of never losing $0.01 even if I have to get out of the trade and make $3 or if I have to let it go in to draw down for two days I don’t care. Because I only sell at the highest points of any chart if it reverses it doesn’t stay there for very long and it is a form of protection. The point being when you are trading in a way that you actually are comfortable with and suits you you will feel no stress if you’re feeling stress you definitely haven’t found your formula yet and don’t worry just don’t use real money to do it practice on a demo and then limit yourself to the number of Trades you actually take and even if they take a few days to prove prove them so that you don’t go broke.

Hello Blackmamba42, I’m wondering if you still live in Alberta Canada and still trade? I opened a demo account with GAIN Capital Forex [dot] com, practiced for 3 weeks, and when I’m ready, I opened a live account with them. I did not know that Albertans need to be an Accredited Investor before they can start trading forex, which I am not. I am heartbroken when I learned about this as I am ready to invest.

What I am worried now is if it is legal if I opened an account from an overseas broker, like an Australian-regulated broker. I have a friend who is also from Alberta and also trades forex, he told me that it is still legal as long as you file your taxes.

Hey forexcalgary, to easy your doubts (at least a little) I live in Edmonton “previously known as city of champions” lol. And have had an account with FXTM for about 3 weeks. I did go right for the real account with 100 USD deposit. I have have not had any issues so far, even with withdrawals.
What they say about needing to be an accredited investor is true, however, it is not illegal for you to trade. The company, in this case FXTM is at fault by not following the dumb Alberta regulations about not letting your common folk invest in FOREX. I got this information straight from calling Alberta securities commission. Mind you, the withdrawal I made was simply a test of taking out about 23 USD via the same credit card I used to make the deposits. I was slowly starting to freak out as I had deposited about 1000$ to date and was worried about loosing it forever after reading a whole bunch of reviews saying they are bullpo-op lol.

This being said, I don’t know about withdrawals of profit yet, as this is the first attempt I made to withdraw. My current plan is to wait it out before depositing more and let my money “grow” so to speak before I attempt to withdraw a bigger amount. All in all, it took under 48hrs before the withdrawal was done on FXTM, but took an extra 4 business days before it showed up as a credit on my mastercard.

Hope this helps, as mentioned, I do still live in Edmonton and if need be can send you proof of successful withdrawal.

I wrote this post, fxtm kicked me out. I went to hugosway dot com.

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Tell me it is profitable to trade on forex or invest in forex ?

How has that gone for you so far? It looks like they are unregulated.