Free Excel Trading Journal

this is a very good Trade journal out there,but I dont know maybe its me.its not updating the charts,is it me or

It’s working great with me, just don’t bother the “overview” sheet except the “equity invested” and go to Journal sheet to fill the data of your trades.

If I’m missing then this is the one you might be looking for:

Google Sheet online if you work device to device. If not able to add the entries well, then automated myfxbook

I believe this is pretty much the summary of the thread here for free trading journal.

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Man, this journal is perfect! Thanks for sharing it for free, your carma is increased on millions!))
And I even registered to say how much I am grateful!)

Hi I’m new here and I just found this trading journal.
Firstly thank you Stray for sharing and Rowan for pointing out the errors in the cells. However I can’t seem to find the version 2 here. It is possible to share again?

It’s up like 2 posts, in the green letters, called Trade JournalV2_1.

thank you so much this is very cool and so useful, this will me very much i love it, i was struggling to create one of own baby.pips rock, you Rock too Stray thank you again actually thank a million times

It is nice to know that someone actually about other traders in this place. It is usually more like everyone for themselves. I apreciate what you have done. Many people will really benefit from the trading journal that you have provided. Keep on doing good for others. Happy trading to you.

Like wow, thanks for sharing this. You are certainly the best. I was wondering where I was going to get a trading journal because making one has really been a problem for me. Things have got easier. I like the layout of the journal, you did some good work on it.

Great spreadsheet. How do you connect it?

Thanks so much for posting your journal template. This is really helpful in helping me develop good habits as I learn to trade. I’m really impressed with the layout and all the features you built in to it.


Hello, How do I access version 2 of Stray’'trading journal

Thank you much appreciate it

hi limbos…I am also from SA…….babypips has been some real help for me…hows your trading been.

thanks dude

Thank you kind sir! This ended up helping me 7 years later. You did a really good job, though I had to tweak a couple things out of personal preference.

i created my own guys, for free. But I can’t seem to create a thread because I’m new to baby pips forum


What is the link?

Hi Stray, Nice work over there. Really loving the spreadsheet outlook, though i have a much simpler one, lemme know if you wish to take a look at it. Though i dont know how to zip it into winrar Format. Many Thanks. Cheers.

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Hi Jimbololoy.
Could you please upload your Excel file. Many Thanks

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Could you share this excel sheet? Would really appreciate the effort, it looks slick!