Free Excel Trading Journal

Hi…im also new …i hope i can learn much here…:grin:

This is really excellent. Thank you.

Thanks for your hard works. This is help so many people including me.

Hi Stray,
I would like to discuss with you about this journal. how can we do that?

When I try to use this awesome looking Trade Journal, the “entry price”, “stop loss” and “take profit” boxes all have drop down arrows in them on the “Journal page”. The drop down boxes instead of containing numerical data have currency pairs listed in them. The boxes won’t accept numbers and say “invalid value”

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I am an absolute beginner so thank you for the spreadsheet; I know even less about excel. Is it possible to add a timecolumn and automatically add the time with a single click. I will be scalping.

Many thanks

I just wanted to say a big thank you to whoever made that Excel spreadsheet. Its quality!

I am just starting out and was in the process of making my own. This is exactly what I was trying to create. Also re-assuring to know I must be doing something right given the elements I had jotted down on my notepad and that are included in the spreadsheet.

Thank you

Confirmation is always good in my opinion. Regardless if you use the spreadsheet provided or have your own, I think it is very important to keep a trade journal.

i found a excel forex spreadsheet in excel with a risk calculator built in found it quite useful and also helps with risk management very disciplined approach here is the link Que’s MM Calc and Log @ Forex Factory
Que’s MM Calc and Log @ Forex Factory
Jul 18, 2007 - 20 posts - ‎5 authors
I use this very often as my personal MM says not to have more then 5% of my … Que’s MM CalcuLog Ver 151 KB | 6,444 downloads.

I am also new in Forex. I will try using your journal.

There are non-excel options out there that are much more useful. Trading journal for active traders and investors | Trademetria, Free Trading Journal, Trade Planning, Risk & Money Management.,, etc.

Hi Stray,

Thanks for sharing your spreadsheet.

Whats the password to unprotected the locked cells? Just so I can change it around a little to suit myself.


Hi Stray,

You have really did a very good job, thank you.

I appreciate your hard work and dedication to create this trade journal. And thanks for sharing it. I haven’t opened the zip file yet but sample screenshots of it look excellent… Thanks a ton!

thank ypou very much
this is much use full

can you please tell me how do i change the currency symbol from $ to INR rupees

hey there,

Thank you for the spreadsheet. How do I change the currency to GBP ?
Would be much appreciated.


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AMG2095, billstar91, nishanleema and all others…

All first time posters… call me skeptic

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Much appreciated! All the work you put into this would take me weeks. Truly grateful for your gift!

hey i was hoping would be okay to make some changes and give this to some of my students and peers would that be okay?

Hey guys!
Rather than creating your own excel journal, find an online ready and free journal, that will be much superior and professional. E.g. go to myFXbook, register and connect your account there. They support several brokers and the journal is automaticely getting updated with the infos from your trades. Otherwise, you can open e.g. a paper OANDA account (it’s free and not time-limited) and connect it to OANDA. And it would even better, if you have an account at TradingView (it’s way better in my opinion than mt4) and you connect your oanda account with TradingView and onda with myFXbook. You 'll have a very comprehensive journal with many useful statistics (actually all you need for backtesting you strategy and evaluating the future of your account).

Cheers and trade safe!

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