Free Excel Trading Journal

What is the link?

Hi Stray, Nice work over there. Really loving the spreadsheet outlook, though i have a much simpler one, lemme know if you wish to take a look at it. Though i dont know how to zip it into winrar Format. Many Thanks. Cheers.

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Hi Jimbololoy.
Could you please upload your Excel file. Many Thanks

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Could you share this excel sheet? Would really appreciate the effort, it looks slick!

Hi, did you have this as an Excel file to share? It looks great…

Great work, Please Consider Uploading it.

In my 1.5 years of trading experience, I learnt that knowledge is never enough, especially when you are into forex trading. Every trade has something to teach. So, the best thing to do is to keep your doors open and learn whatever you can.

As a trader for the last 2 years, I have realized the importance of keeping a trading journal. It helps me keep track of my trades and thoughts that come to my mind when I am trading. I enter all my trading details so that I know what mistakes I have made over time and what I need to improve.

I respect all the new traders who start trading forex to make money. It’s completely fine. At the same time, you must also be ready to keep patience because you won’t start making money from the very beginning. It takes time to become a profitable forex trader.

Thanks a lot for sharing this! It’s very useful for beginners :sunglasses:

Hey, there a link to get this? looks great

Hi Stray,
Thanks so much for sharing your trading journal template. It’s certainly very useful.

That’s an awesome journal. Thanks for posting.

Ps. Version 2 is missing though.

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thank you . v2 is up there

Hi stray
I didn’t see d version 2(adjusted version) attachment. Pls can u repost it

Thank you man, exactly what i needed <3

Can someone help me understand the risk/reward in this journal? It’s displayed as a decimal (e.g 1.28), I’m used to seeing it presented as a 1:3, for example. What am I missing? How do I read this?


That should ideally be read as 1:1.28

I haven’t checked the excel file or the formula but you can test it by including known 1:3 pip values in the cells (10:30 or 100:300) and see what decimal value the formula spits out.

Yep, you are exactly right. Thank you so much!

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Thanks for your efforts and time to share with us.