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I will Post Free Forex Signals here. Please Try the posted signals in Your demo first before going live.

Today Signals:

SELL GBPCHF 1.7267 TP - Minimum 40 Pips SL. 1.7352
SELL AUDUSD 0.7794 TP - Minimum 40 Pips SL. 0.7869
SELL AUDCHF 0.8467 TP - Minimum 40 Pips SL. 0.8583

AUDUSD AND AUDCHF HIT TP, we bank in 80 Pips, and GBPCHF is Loss.

These are the signals that we did not post here due to rushing while I was busy today.

SELL EURJPY AT 132.37 TP131.97 SL 133.6
SELL NZDJPY AT 58.54 TP58.1 SL 58.99
SELL NZDUSD AT 0.6183 TP0.612 SL 0.625
SELL GBPJPY AT 150.45 TP150 SL 151.55
SELL GBPUSD AT 1.5879 TP1.583 SL 1.594


BUY USDJPY AT 94.93. TP. 40 Pips Minimum SL at. 93.70

Thank you for your efforts! :slight_smile: Do you post signals daily or from time to time?

SELL EURUSD AT. 1.3936. TP. 40Pips Minimum SL at. 1.4050
SELL EURJPY AT. 132.69. TP. 40Pips Minimum. SL. at. 133.50

Just check regularly. I cannot create the signals unless the market gives me the trade-setup.

[B]ALL HIT TP. TOTAL PIPS =[/B] [B]80 PIPS[/B], BUT I Personally Banked in 130 Pips

hit tp = 40 pips

376 PIPS gained so far after one loss this week (GBPCHF = -80 pips). What do u think? :slight_smile:

Here are the trades taken on 29 May 2009. I did not inform about these signals because of slightly risky trades:

2009.05.29 17:06 sell 1.00 gbpchf 1.72542 0.00000 1.72105 2009.05.29 17:27 1.72105 0.00 0.00 0.00 [B]409.33[/B]

2009.05.29 18:18 sell 1.00 gbpchf 1.72555 1.73950 1.72200 2009.05.29 21:40 1.72375 0.00 0.00 0.00 [B]168.46

2009.05.29 19:17 sell 5.00 gbpchf 1.72661 0.00000 1.72463 2009.05.29 21:29 1.72463 0.00 0.00 0.00 [B]927.09[/B]

Absolutely amazing! :slight_smile: Keep it up - excellent work!

just wait and see…we can not predict any thing. however, in most of case, i t will gained some more points.

Hi Guys…

Sometimes, I cannot post signals on the spot here since our friends always asked me to show trade set-up rather than a signal without knowing the reasons of the trades taken. So, If you have any questions, you can post it here or asked me directly to my skype at freeforex123

Attached are the trades that we took today.


Attached are today’s trade set up that we took. If you have questions, please post them here or IM me at skype: freeforex123

Today, we closed trades directly with 432 Pips

Good Luck.

All comments are welcome

Please see my trades Set-Up that I posted Today

Please see my trade set-ups that I posted Today

The image is blur not readable…

See another one if okay. If not okay, I will send to your email. That is also possible