Free Trade Journal Template

Below is a link to a free trading journal I created, it’s a public view-only version so feel free to make a copy for yourselves.

If you need any assistance or for anything else, feel free to leave a comment below.

I have to credit Trading Rush on youtube for the inspiration, some elements are also in their diary, but I have adapted it to be cleaner, more automated and thorough.

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Thanks, buddy. Got a very good thing that will benefit us a lot.

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Hope it helps! If you need any help or have any suggestions let me know. I plan to update it as time goes on so be sure to check on it now and again.

Updated version now available. Update notes on instructions sheet.

Great share. Thanks.

Have you seen this? Might be of interest.

I hadn’t seen this one no, however, this is a little different to what my end goal is with this journal. It’ll be useful for filling gaps though on sections I’ve not yet added so thank you for sharing!

You pull MT4 logs for this, or manually enter trade data?

Pull mt4 logs, having an issue converting the .HTM though, so it’s manually copied and pasted.