Free Webinar - Idea generation, Trading Plan & Testing?

Hey everyone,

This was just a thought that came to mind, and something which I have no issue working on while the trading period is over and the xmas period is taking place.

Who would be interested in a free webinar, perhaps in two weeks about the following points.

[li]Trading Idea generation
[/li][li]Research and Development
[/li][li]Bringing together these individual ideas into a singular testable trade plan
[/li][li]The testing stages required
[/li][li]How to record your results so that profitable ‘edges’ can be spotted
[/li][li]The theory of ‘Curve Fitting’

This is something which I’ve been doing for quite some time, and isn’t perhaps the only correct way to go about it, but i’m sure it could be beneficial.

I’m also in the process of launching my new website which is all about idea generation, and the concept of my own trading ideas which are open to public viewing as they progress through the testing stages - in real live time.

The ultimate reason for the website is to let people freely follow a trade idea into a trade plan and finally into a fully profitable fund. It is for information purposes only - and I am not soliciting any advice.

This is one of the images from my website, and should give a clear example of how I personally work and also what to expect in a potential webinar.


I would be there if you did. Sounds like a good idea

Good Idea! I’d like to check it out… :57:

I’d love to attend a webinar! Count me in please

You have one more attendant… :cool:

Always looking for different things to fill my time with. I’d be interested.

Here is a sneak peak at my website which should give you some background to the areas of research and trade planning that I’m currently working on. It’s a working progress as you will see, but a good source of information and resources to my own trading stats and performance for anyone who may be interested.


Challenge FX (Beta) - Trading the Currency Markets

Here are the log in details.

Scheduled for 18th December at 18:00GMT London Time
Challenge FX - Developing a Trade Plan, Testing and Performance - AnyMeeting | Free Web Conferencing, Webcast and Meeting Service

I’ll also try and record the webinar for future use if you are unable to attend. The link will be posted after the event.


Damn, have an interview on that day. Oh well thanks for recording it.

This will be awesome.

Not sure if I can attend as it’ll be midnight and I have a strict sleeping regime (trying to instill discipline). A recording would be great. :57:

I’m going to do this some other time, as it seems not the most appropriate timing either. It may just be easier for me to upload a video, easy access and doesn’t require everyone being in the same place at the same time.

Can’t wait, looking forward to it.

I would not be able to make that as I will be at work at that time

and i cancelled my date just to watch your webinar today… thanks for wasting my time … :58:

omg, you can get a date Lehm, impressive :59:

yep, it would have been my first date ever … you owe me now …

Where are you going to make him take you?

im afraid that he wanted to take me to the same place where he took you the last time :slight_smile:

Now I’m upset, that was meant to be our special place :17: