Fresh Out of School- Back testing time/need

So i’ve just finished the babypips school for the second time and am only now finally understanding everything…its like those magic eye posters…its all blurry until you concentrate…anyways… I want to start back testing my system but don’t know anything about platforms. Can anyone help me? Please and thank you! Good luck to all.

Esignal platform

Know nothing about esignal only what I have just googled,
seems after 30 days you have to pay for platform??? Maybe if
I had a large account I may take a look but… not for beginner.

I use Oanda, they have their own platform, easy to learn,
tight spreads & no lots, just plug in units. Great for newb.

Now Metatrader4, North Finance & Alpari, or many more.
Only have demo accounts, spreads not good, but platform
very versatile, used for back-testing etc.

VT trader. CMS only have demo at the moment, hopefully go
live very soon. The jury is still out, though platform seems too

I have tried just to give an overview, as a newb all that is required
are the basics, plenty of time to do more research when
you have more experience. :slight_smile: IMO

I have found that most beginner traders use either VT Trader or Metatrader 4. The best thing about both, they are free to download. :smiley: When you are just starting, you can’t beat free. Also, many of the trading systems on this forum have custom indicators that members of have posted for the community to download. They are mostly written for either VT or MT4. Here are the links for both:

Download MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 4 Mobile or MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal

Download VT Trader Forex Software – Trading Software - CMS Forex

I have dealt personally with CMSFX and VT trader. I have a personal rep that I deal with and they are really good about responding to any requests or questions I have.

Viva Babypips!


mt4 is the best charting software out there. It gives you all the charting indicators available and it is free. I dont think that you should pay for a charting program when you are using their brokage firm. Also mt4 has a good help section that will explain anything you have a question on. One nice thing that they offer is you can set the amount of the demo account that you want to strat with. Demoing with a $50,000 account is not with-in the reach of most investors so why demo with that much?