From $1 to Million - Trading Journal

I am not doing martingale and increasing my positions. I pick leverage I want to use and if its lets say 1:10, I rather have 10 trades at 1:1 than 1 trade at 1:10. Gives me more opportunities to exit each trade at a different level, if needed and more flexibility and better average price overall.

But at such a small account size and leverage used, I need luck, too, of course. :man_shrugging:

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And the forecast I made during the weekend is here:

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Good luck I used to touch at 30 us then overtrade and collapse I hope you can pass it

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How was your trading week?

So far so good.

Still growing…$135 now.

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Some trade ideas for the next week or weeks.

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Stressful period for traders, but I like the volatility.


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Account gone bust from selling Cable at 1.31 lmao.

Yes of course, grid with small account just gambling.

I love this idea. I’ll be watching this thread with interest. Good luck!

How are the challenge doing so far? The idea is really nice and the risk very small, good luck and keep us posted

Account busted, that’s why he stopped the updating of his myfxbook

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OP was selling Cable at 1.31.

I see I have haters now, good!

Account didn’t make it through the big dollar dump this month, so will start on a new one shortly.

btw I wasn’t selling cable at 1.31. :wink:



You had a lot of successful trades and your % increase was crazy big.

Step back up to the plate and keep swinging!

Good luck!


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