From Chilean Patagonia

First, I want to make an experiment: have any of you heard about Chiloé Island?

Well, It’s where I live. Open a map and look for it, it’s in the Patagonian region of Chile, a beautiful and rainy place. A bit isolated as well but we have everything to live a good life.

I was about to buy a new car in the past month, my old Dahiatsu -'97 Feroza- coughed up his last smoke and required some mayor maintenance. Loved that car. But i’m more of a bike guy, so I decided to save the money and wait for the national lockdown to pass to buy a car. Then i realized that i always wanted to do some trading, and this was the time for it. I’ve been studying for the past week and I think I grasp the basic concept. Came across this awesome place and it’s free treasure of knowledge, so here I am. My plan is to study about a month, then open a demo account and try different aproaches and strategies and build a statistical model of wich one of them works better, and then commit a small amount of real money to try my hand. Nothing too big, I know that learning by error comes first: i’m an engineer but also a mountaineer, in every summit I’ve made patience, constant effort and planning ahead have proved key to success. And knowing when to retire.

I’ve read a few posts here and there and I was pleasently surprised to see people giving advice and being polite to each other. Educated. It’s something really invaluable these days.

Anyway, hello to everybody, my name is Manuel Cano. Glad to be here.

Hi Manuel :slight_smile: getting knowledge about forex needs time, don’t rush and good luck :slight_smile: Regards Greg

Hi mate, welcome, education. education, education, similar to property, location, location, location, get it right and you’ll be successful.

I googled it and it looks interesting! How is it living there? Also, welcome to the community! Are you going through the free lessons here? :slight_smile: Good luck!

Thanks! I’m going though the free lessons, it’s a really good material, explained in a simple and understandable language. Very good stuff for us beginners.

Living here is really good. The weather is kinda rainy almost all year long, but it’s a really beautiful place, the whole Patagonia is. It’s safe too, compared to the big cities in Latin America. And we have and incredible wealth of fish and seafoods, I ate fresh fish almost three times a week. All in all a very good place to live. And Thanks!