From FTMO Challenge to FUNDED Account [Prop Firm Journey]

Been trading is this world call FOREX from 2016, developing EA/robot.

Must say loss alot of money learning so wouldn’t consider it a total loss.
All in All what i’ve learn is forex is a boring lonely game when you are trading the right way.
In 2019 i’ve came up with my EA which i’ve been forward testing for years before going live and trying it out at prop firms.

When you’re gaining stable returns and not GET RICH QUICK, you need funding which these prop firm provide at a small cost which change the course of my life.

Must say I am now funded after passing FTMO challenge and also helping other traders out. I have also started new challenges at other prop firms to expand my capital and diversify so not all my fund is at one prop firm as you never know.

I am now looking to transition into FULLY living off my profit and helping others.
It has been a journey but patience to invest, learn and develop your skill has intangible benefits you will only see down the line.

So to my fellow TRADERS… KEEP AT IT!!!

how many of you in here are funded or living off trading?


Excellent news. Well done. I managed to lose $200 on a CTI evaluation this year. Now considering whether to go it alone again, or retry as this firm uses live accounts throughout and a time span of one year to meet the $300 target. The downside is that their broker uses an out of date MT4 platform and charges commission on every trade as well as the spread.

I’m sure in the next few years, most retail traders will be using EAs - as do financial institutions. Keep in touch, many of our newbies would welcome your words of encouragement, as well as understanding there is no short cut to success.


Yes I believe most will be moving to EA as well… I actually loss at CTI when i first started but they outdated indeed as couldnt even hook my account up to myfxbook as not supported… I’ve learned alot and came along way, losing is a part of it in the beginning mate… don’t let that discourage you in the long run as once you’re learning and not repeating same the mistake that’s progress…

I am mostly active on facebook and share alot of good content there especially about my EA but will be more active here as well.

Good to see babypips has come along way from back when i was first here.


Not a bad week… New covid strain got the market moving unusual but still profiting.

my MFF account:
image (2.3 MB)

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Hi Guys

Can you use more than 1 prop firm when you are funded or are there any rules that you can only have 1 prop firm? i ask because i cant get an answer?


to my knowledge you can have other accounts at other prop firm.

Thanks mate - can you recommend anyone?

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Would Recommend FTMO or MFF mate

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ftmo will not give you your money by cheating.

what you mean by cheating mate? who is cheating?


About to pass another account at MyForexFund as well.

Video link attached.

Hi bro how is your journey

Still here mate…:man_technologist:Most traders took loss or blown their account due to major news past months… hence risk management is very important to survive any market conditions and long term success.

:muscle:t4:MFF challenge Phase 2 passed at 5%:

Passed two challenges phase 2 during that time & still going strong…

:brain:Focus on your risk management, its the KEY.

:point_down:EA RESULTS:

Still going strong from 2019 mate

Hello slayer, how’s is it going?

I’m myself on a journey to get an FTMO account