From homeless to trillionaire ?!?


I am 28 years old and i live in Es***, in small city called Clacton . Originally i am from Estonia. Last year i ended up in this city where i am now as homeless person, because my gambling, alcohol, drug, smoking, stealing, pornography (you name it “addictions”) problem…(I stopped them all !!!)
I have always believe in God and since 2011 i am more than sure that God is real thing but it’s another story but for me trading and my story around God are related, so we will see what plan God has for me in this business in future…
Long story short i started practising forex and stock trading June 2014 with Demo account in platform called and i read 3 books called fibonacci trading, trading for dummies and naked forex. And i visited one seminar in Grange Tower Bridge Hotel last month where they took new members into Millionaire MasterClass. It was called Learn to trade and basically they said that goal for them is to turn you millionaire in next 24 month time but for me it sounded and looked like sales man trick to get more people to buy this indicator or i was just paranoid and it’s good place where from to start if you have 2000£ plus VAT to start and money for adding money into trading account ?
At moment I am still trapped in Demo account because i don’t have internet and laptop and i am using only 1h a day at library to learn trading and at moment i am still job seeker and kind of half homeless if that makes any sense and even this letter is written at church where i am using church laptop at very moment. But i have strong faith and i believe that in next couple years time i am going to be millionaire and therefore billionaire and why not even trillionaire and i don’t have selfish reasons for that. God knows my plan and i pray that he will support me with wisdom and understanding to use the money what i am going to start make wisely and in the way that my family, friends and therefore all universe can prosper out off me and get closer to the heavenly state of mind in universal level and start living in new Golden Age peacefully.
From here babypips i wish and hope to gain my knowledge around trading, for example witch platforms are the best and don’t trade against me, new strategy’s, systems, increase my language skills around business and see and hear from bros what they do and how and why before i am going to invest any money and start trading for real.


Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your background story! It sounds like you’ve been through a lot, and even then, you’ve kept a pretty positive attitude through it all. Forex is a tough business, so don’t forget keep that positive outlook. Good luck Ergo and hope to hear more from ya!