From Unprofitable to Getting Funded Journey

I am wondering, why are you choosing to jump into an FTMO challenge right after forward testing your system for a couple of weeks? Wouldn’t it be more realistic if you first trade live on a small account for at least 12 months to see if your a skilled enough trader to manage up to 100,000$? I don’t want to insult you in any way, so please don’t take it personal, but I think you might have taken the FTMO challenge too soon. I hope you’ll smash the challenge someday! :grin:

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Hi @Xirtam001
Yes it would have been more realistic, of course. But I’m a more risk friendly “trader” (at least a wannabe trader for now). I applied for a 10k account, not a 100k but it would have been almost the same. I knew the odds of passing the challenge weren’t in my favour and I accepted the risk. In the end, no risk, no reward, right?
Honestly I don’t enjoy trading on demo and I’m more than happy to have tried and failed than to have only traded on demo. It’s not the same thing when there’s something at stake… at least for me.

So yeah, I took the challenge too early but I would do the same again (and I will). Even though I will fail again, I’m happy about it 'cause it is another step forward on my journey.
I already bought another 10k FTMO Challenge (it was 10% off) and I can’t wait to start it and even fail it again (with a little unavoidable frustration along the way).

That’s how I see it and that’s how I hope I’m gonna make it someday. Trial & error.
“The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake, you can’t learn anything from being perfect.”

I wish you the best 2021 possible and can’t wait to see some progress with your journey as well!

I get your point, very understandable and it’s not bad to take a shot at the challenge once in a while. But you are saying yourself the probabilities are not in your favour, so why do you think you can maintain a funded account after passing the challenge with the help of a little luck and some minor experience you have in the forex market.

It is indeed not the same when something is at stake, trading on a demo account does not represent real trading in a lot of ways. I definitely agree on that, but why are you not funding a relatively small live account, to practise and hone your skills, until the probabilities are actually in your favour of not only passing the challenge, but also maintaining the account. I think your skipping a very important step in your journey, just my two cents!