FTMO $100K Challenge: My journey

Well, I can’t say you are intentionally promoting FTMO. Sorry for that.

Unintentionally, you are doing it. And as you seem to know, these buisness models are unethical just because the type of rules and the target audience. These types of business can’t live in juridisdictions like the UK where you got the certification.

By the way, showing a picture of a certification hiding the certification number… Maybe, it isn’t a good idea. It is the most important part of the certification.

Anyway, certifications aren’t fully granted of ethical practices. Madoff, licenced and certified.

Keep doing what you do in Darwinex. Seems more professional: results and risk management. Good luck there.

Just as an aside - I nearly decimated my live account under the influence of alcohol, by being greedy and invincible. It was a Hulk moment that had me making five quick opening then closing trades, including a reversal, in minutes.

Now, my discipline is back on course - no beers until Friday night…

Alright. Honestly, I have nothing to prove.
I’m just sharing my experience here, with or without a license doesn’t make a difference for me. Madoff or not Madoff, it’s up to other people to have their opinion.
I keep updating the thread with my own results, either bad or good.

@steve369 well, everyone makes mistakes and I guess all of us have had a few bad experiences in trading. Glad to see that you understood where you went wrong and came back stronger.


“Honestly” and you start not to match.

I never asked you for a licence. You decided to post one without the identification number…

You decided to come in here. This thread is not about you, get a life :slight_smile:

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It is about me everything that does not suit with ethical practices. Sorry, but all this FTMO think gets me alert.

Their eccentric videos, promotions, forum participants. Those who show a certification hiding the number when nobody asked them for any certification.

Sorry, but I have to protect inexperienced traders in the community from people like you.

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Their eccentric videos… :rofl: still, you fail to understand that I have nothing to do with FTMO.
Sorry champ, next time I will leave the certification number, I will also attach my ID, the password to my bank account and the PIN number. Nice job protecting the community :laughing:

Federico! The certificate number does not provide any personal information. It is the number anyone proudly shows. For example, having that number, anyone could go to CISI and verify you are really certified.

You get into this on your own. If you try to make fun of my posts, I would consider to contact CISI. You could just let it go. But you decided to go ahead.

Give up or just show the number and keep this eccentric FTMO show.

He proudly showed the certificate, but he decided to remove his name from the directory.


Alert! Community among us a possible liar!

Another one related to FTMO…I’m not impressed

Please, do contact CISI and record their voice when they laugh at you :rofl:
I find your posts very funny and I’m sure that many members of the community can use a laugh, since trading can be quite stressful sometimes.

I “proudly” showed the certificate :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Someone accused me that I wrote something not true and I simply shared my certificate, not proudly. I don’t even understand what the certificate has to do with all this. Even if I was not a certified Wealth Manager, I cannot attempt to pass the challenge with FTMO?
I have to admit that your messages made my day, at least!

I am interested in where your hate come from. You don’t know me, you crap all over with a bunch of assumption without any reasoning and you keep saying that I work for FTMO, when I haven’t even shared a link about FTMO or even said it is a good program.
Maybe you tried FTMO in the past and you are a little mad that you lost your fee? That can be understandable, but isn’t it a little petty to search for other threads about FTMO and bad-mouth other people, like me, trying to pass the challenge?

Alright, let’s say you are right, I am a liar. I don’t have a certificate and I am a bad trader. Even under these circumstances, I don’t see the point of your alert. Am I selling something here? Am I praising FTMO? Am I inviting people to try it out? Have I shared any referral link? Please, explain me what the community should be alerted about :slight_smile:

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@PaulMF I take it that you failed the challenge mate? :rofl:


All FTMOs rules are clearly displayed, whats your issue with them.



You keep doing what your doing mate :+1:

Dont listen to the other mongos.

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FTMO relatives…

Very kind!

Just a quick update: I passed the second step of the challenge.
I won’t start trading with the live account till next stream on Twitch, next Monday at 2pm (UK time).
We will also have time to check some trades, talk about how I approached the challenge and what to do with the live $100K account.

Have a great week everyone.


Congrats, I understand to some it doesn’t seem legitimate. And probably not good for a brand new trader to get into with how much you have to earn in the certain amount of days. But hey, if you can do it, and they do pay out(have seen proof). So why not…

I’m currently in FTMO and FundingTalent.

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Very tight results but congrats for passing. :wink:

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Good luck!


Every forex trader’s journey is full of challenges and risks. But these are the only reasons what becomes a learning lesson for one to reach financial goals. If a trader won’t take up any challenges and stay stagnant in the market, there is nothing that can help him in making money.

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How did it go? Never heard of any such thing before on any of the forums and would like to know more about it.

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I passed the two steps of the challenge, so I was awarded a $100K account to trade.
It’s still a demo account, but you get paid 70% off the profits you can make every month with this account.
I have started on the 12th of April with the $100K account, so my first payout is scheduled for the 12th of May. You also receive your fee back after your first profitable month.
So far, so good. $1,436 in profit for the first 8 days, which should give me a payout of a bit more than $1000 so far.

I will keep the thread up to date after my first profitable month, which I hope it will be this one ending the 12th of May. I will share whether or not they pay the 70% profit share and give back the fee to join the challenge, which was about $600.
After the first 4 months, slightly unhappy with some of the rules after you pass the challenge, but overall a positive experience.