Fundamentals: Wholesale Sales Fall 3.1%

Canadian wholesale sales fell 3.1 percent, the biggest decline since August 2003. The leading indicators index was also announced today, but it made few waves when it crossed the wires at 0.5% as expected. In the next 24 hours, Canada will present its retail sales figures.

[B]Previous 24 Hours:
[/B]- [B]Wholesale Sales[/B] (MoM) (APR)
Actual: -3.1%
Expected: 0.3%

  • [B]Wholesale Inventories[/B] (MoM) (APR)
    Actual: n/a
    Expected: 0.1%
  • [B]Leading Indicators[/B] (MoM) (MAY)
    Actual: 0.5%
    Expected: 0.5%

[B]Next 24 Hours:
[/B]- [B]Retail Sales[/B] (MoM) (APR)
Previous: 1.9%
Expected: 1.0%

  • [B]Retail Sales Less Autos[/B] (MoM) (APR)
    Previous: 1.1%
    Expected: 0.5%

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