Hi Squad,

I am from Melbourne and looking forward to trade currencies after graduating from School of Pipsology. Since high school, I was fascinated by people who engage in stock trading until I came across a seminar of Forex trading which shifted my eagerness towards currency trading from stocks. Have been attending seminars on forex from past year, never found something as captivating and interesting as Babypips. Very greatful to the people behind it for providing such a pleasing learning environment.

I recently finished high school at Pipsology and have been practising the technical analysis on a demo account. I have gained a good sight of strategies which suits me and looking forward to combine it with fundamental knowledge which I am about to study, to trade like those 10% of Forex traders.

Once again, much obliged to Babypips.com for all this.


Hee Karan,

Welcome to our crew! May the fx gods be with you.

Do you trade with Pepperstone? Care to write a review about them?



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