FX Education


Can somebody pls. recommend the best way to learning FX ?!

  1. Do i buy an expensive book to understand the fundamentals ?
  2. Do i go & buy a 'Guru’s trading system ?
  3. Sign up a monthly online course ?

PLease advise…

Great Questions!

I’m also trying to figure out the best way to learn about FX trading. I’m overwhelmed with all the information out there. However I have been going to the Babypips School included in the website and it is very informative.

Keeping up with this forum and reviewing previous posts and responses has also been very helpful.

May We Both Find the Success We Desire!

Have a Great Day!

Bob Burns

I tell you simply, dont spend so much in all that…
Best is buy Technical books.
And use Demo Account for 6 months
Or Deposit $1000 and try micro lot trading using what you learning… do this all for 6-9 Months, just take it you are a Baby, and after 9 months wollah u r ready out LIVE for the market.
Then deposit more, and use your technique and all that in a bigger account.
dont go for all tht guru system and stuff like that
learn yourself my friend.

This site, Baby Pips School, is one of the best you’ll find. I’ve “been there and done that” but, what I’ve learned here has beat them all!!

However, I would suggest, “Trading In The Zone” by Mark Douglas. As strange as it may sound, your MINDSET in trading is BIG!!! VERY BIG!! This book has been a tremendous plus for me. I’m on my 3rd reading and pick up something new every time.

You are in the right place to learn… Read the forums and if possible find a mentor that can show you the ropes.

Isn’t the best way to learn is by doing? So I would also recommend starting with a micro account with like 1,000 USD. I have been demoing for the past year and really I can’t imagine what it is like trading with real money. So I am going to start trading for real at the start of 08.

Read books but don’t spend too much because they are just an advertisment for thier web site. Goto youtube.com and watch videos. And if you want to buy from a guru then you can buy my “experiment” system. Because that is all it is about. Most important demo for at least 6 months, but the key is to demo like it is YOUR money. If you do not have $50,000 to trade with then do not demo with that much.

Hi Dhimit

Of course you can learn in this forum many things about forex , but if you realy wish to become successful trader then you need to learn form proffesionals , you can find great resource of forex education at this site: forex.delijaworld.com

Thanks Folks - what a friendly lot of people you all are !

Thanks BabyPips :wink: the guys in this forum as i felt are way much helpful, way honest, way friendly then other forums. to be very true… I hope you learn alot, and be the Genius hehe… Best luck, enjoy trading :slight_smile:

If you are looking for a “live” education and watching trades being taken… in real account, not demo … go to MMTS, Monika’s Momentum Trading System,Forex, Monika Korzec London Ontario, MKS trendlines (trading room section).
This site combines education, trade suggestions and mostly you are able to ask your questions during a live training hour (total 6 hours per week)… all of this for $100 a month.

don’t spend $100 a month to learn this stuff you can do it for next to nothing just buy using the internet. Buy a few books if you want. Read babypips, goto youtube.com and open a demo account. Make your own system and set your own rules.

Great advice! Of course look at other people’s ideas to see what meshes with you and try to go from there :slight_smile:

What i’m also looking for solid theoritical edu. for a strong foundation
in FX to set the ball rolling. The info. delijah website is pretty good - there’s some good theoritical stuff to kick things off !

babypips is also v. good but can’t compare to anthing else 'coz completely new to FX !


I’ve come across a very comprehensive FX course from ‘Online Trading Academy’ priced @$400. How well do you think the course is covered as compared to what is available on BabyPips ? I.e does it go into greater theoratical background. ?!

Also, has anyone had a look @ the course from Pivot Point Forex | Day Trade Forex | Forex Online Training | Forex Arbitrage ?


Being an interactive training course I would assume it is not going into much theoretical background. I would, at best, it only covers the fundamentals already sufficiently covered by the time you graduate college here, for free.

I would guess they cover technical analysis and strategies to some detail. But judging on the usability of the website I would be hesitant to pay for their interactive course.