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Hi Everyone,

Please note the special holiday hours below for both trading and customer support for the next couple of weeks. CFD holiday hours can be found here. Please be aware that during the holidays rollovers may be larger than normal due to illiquid markets.

I will be out of the office until the new year, so any questions or private messages will be answered once I return.

Happy Holidays :tada: !


73.62% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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Will we get a little bit extra positive rollover since it’s Christmas? :gift::grinning:

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Happy New Year Cryptopotamus!

I know this is after the fact but it’s unlikely, and I would bet on it being just the opposite if anything :sob:

Rollover is based on overnight lending rates which can become more volatile as we approach end of year. This article from Bloomberg yesterday is illustrative of what can happen Eye-Popping Surge in Repo Rate Blamed on Rules Instead of Funding Stress , but I haven’t heard of rollover abnormalities from the last week. Just something to be aware of.


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In order for the EA to run specifically only on one FXCM account. I need to specify in the EA coding the “Broker Name” and " Account Number". It does not work when I enter the Broker Name as FXCM or Forex Capital Markets Inc or FXCM Limited. Please advice how should I specify the Broker name for FXCM in the coding.

Thank you.

Hi MeeSooToo,

Is this an EA you created yourself? In general, you aren’t required to input any information about hte broker or your account info. The exception I could think of is if you acquired the EA from another developer that requires you to input your broker name and account number so the EA is only used by verified purchasers of the EA. If this is the case it would be best to get help from the EA developer on the formatting of how to enter the name and account number.


What are the requirements to register and be a verified trader using FXCM platform?

Hello sir, is it possible for me to open fxcm account even if i am not a US resident nor citizen? I am a filipino seafarer sailing within US territory.

Anyone here experiencing an issue when withdrawing funds with FXCM lately. I’ve tried to withdraw funds to my debit card but after clicking the submit button, page says the session has expired and I need to log in again. Tried so many times but every try gave me same error. Same issue using different browsers and computer. Tried troubleshooting guides from google but gets me nowhere. I think the issue is with FXCM.

Have you spoken with their live chat?

Sounds like a technical issue to me’ maybe relating to their access to your card provider.

Yes and twice already. First, they said they will contact me via email with the resolution after couple of hours but that conversation happen last monday and I haven’t heard anything from Alexander E. who was the one I chatted with. Second, they advice me to send a withdrawal request via email.

Is this with their London office? Did you send an email as requested.
Sounds a little strange to me especially that they have not got back to you as promised.
Maybe you should do an even stronger live chat and ensure you get z copy of the text.
That kind of service is not good enough.

Another possibility is the credit card you are using. Brokers will only give withdrawals back to the same card from which the funds were deposited to them and for sums not exceeding the amount deposited. They have to treat withdrawals to credit cards as “refunds of purchases” and not actually account withdrawals.

Any other withdrawals are usually made by wire to a bank account.

Did you resolve this issue ok?
It would be good to hear what the problem was.

Sorry, I was on vacation last week.

The issue is not resolve yet. I plan to document the issue step-by-step and send it to them later. I tried withdrawing via Skrill and it did not gave me an issue although I know it will be cancelled since the last deposit method was via credit card. I’m expecting an email about that and from that I will reply to divert the funds to my credit card. It is kinda workaround but it is not the solution.

My friend tried to withdraw via same method and she was able to do it without issue so I think it is an issue with my account.

OK thanks for the update. It does sound like a “local” issue and not an FXCM difficulty. Good luck with sorting it! :+1:

Hi Jason
is there a resource please where i can download the trading view watch lists TXT files for your own tickers to import directly to trading view and do i just need to add all manually?


Very nice thread, a lot of useful information

Hi all. I haven’t been active on this forum for a while but I’m back! I’ll try to address any open items and all new questions.

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Hi @incadar,

You should be able to see all of FXCM’s symbols under the ‘Forex’ category inside Trading View’s ticker list.

If you click the down arrow on the right when looking through ‘Tickers’ you can select FXCM. All FXCM’s symbols are under ‘Forex’.