FxSol-High Swap Rates Delta-Bulgaria?

Thanks Freddy for the suggestion of FXSOL…and Dpaterso for that suggestion on DeltaStocks. As far as FX Solutions, everything looked nice about them until I got to the part about their exchange rates, they HAVE to be some of the worse I ever seen. Almost every pair is negative for holding trades overnight, even with LOW leverage. Since Im interested in swing trading that would eventually eat away at my account coupled with any losses I had. DeltaStocks…hmmmmm. For some reason I have this tiny habit of first looking at what location a Brokerage exists, where they operate from and if they have multiple locations. I seen Delta has its head office in Bulgaria, an eastern european country steeped in corruption…at least at this point in time anyway. Dpaterso Im not saying they arent a good Broker but doesnt their location make you nervous at all? Im not against trading with a Broker that comes from another country, Im sure there are some American Brokers that are just as corrupt, but to deliberately trade in a country where i know their is political unrest just seems to add on another level of risk. Maybe when I get a little more money to “play” with I will open a mini account with Delta and see how they play ball with me.


Listen - for me - having an account in Bulgaria is paradise - my ‘main’ broker at the moment is in Belize of all places (like I said to someone else on this forum - Belize is just close enough to the US to matter and just far enough to not fall under US law).

Put it this way - at least Delta falls under some or the other law or two - albeit Bulgarian law.

I have asked them for information and they have been mainly offering Bulgarian stocks up until now (I think they have been around since 1996 do not quote me on that but I know it was 1990 something).

I do know one thing - they certainly are extremely helpful - AFTER opening your account and not just before opening your account - and the support is great.

I also searched extensively on the Internet for information relating to them and believe it or not I could not find a single bad word about them (and if you find one now I don’t want to hear about it - let me live in my little dream world). Seriously though - I really have not found one bad report about them - and that is why I decided to give them a try and so far - not a single problem - my email questions ALWAYS get answered.

One other thing that impressed me - is that they will not open an account until you have completed the application in full and they have the originals in their hand. They send a courier to your door to collect the completed originals at their cost no matter what size of account you open initially. This has GOT to say something for them and / or their strict adherence to the laws by which they are governed. I am in South Africa and I know from experience how high the costs are of sending documents to overseas locations - so - IF they are not above board - which I very much doubt - they sure are going to a lot of trouble to do things the right way.

I jsut have to add that I have not heard of any political unrest in Bulgaria at all - and I watch the networks and news 25/7 (yes 25/7) - and Bulgaria has never come up anywhere. If you know something I don’t then please enlighten me.


You had me worried there for a minute so I went a-looking on the Internet and found this:

Johns Hopkins Gazette: March 24, 1997

Now - it’s just my opinion - but this looks good not bad (but I’ll admit that I am particularly biased toward Russia and the Eastern European countries).