Gas shortage in the east coast - anyone else affected?

Gas stations here in NC are now all out of gas or have insanely long lines. Anyone else experiencing this?


Wow!! The sooner we move to hybrid/electric and then renewable we’ll be better off.

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Crazy though. I think it’s crazier what a ransomware group can do to an industry.

Middle Georgia here, got word about this early this morning, went to find gas, half the stations were already out, the rest had jacked up their prices, add this to the 50 cents increase we were already paying because of biden cancelling that Canadian pipeline and the working poor get the shaft again

Yeah I’m soon going to run out of gas trying to GET gas. All gas stations near my house: either out of gas or INSANELY long lines. I don’t believe this is happening!

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I Agree, we rely to much on gas and other countries

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dude what are you talking about, that pipeline wasn’t operational yet and wasn’t gonna be complete any time soon, this gas shortage have nothing to do with that pipeline

WASHINGTON — On Monday, the FBI said a ransomware attack that disabled a major U.S. pipeline last week originated from a product developed by the criminal group DarkSide.

The hackers who crafted the malware that compromised Colonial Pipeline Co., which provides 45 percent of the East Coast’s gasoline, diesel and jet fuel

How did they allow this to happen. :frowning:

Paul, good to have you showing off your ignorance on another thread.


And nobody said it did, you are making up strawman arguments again

And stop calling it a “Gas Shortage” it is a “Supply Crunch” don’t you read your own propaganda post

White House urges Americans not to hoard gas as hacked pipeline remains shut

In the 2004 remake of Battlestar Galactica, what gave the Galactica the edge over the Cylons is all their systems were using old tech, there was nothing that could be hacked. If they cannot make these facilities hackproof then they need to take them offline and go back to old tech to run them. The same applies to power plants.


Do you have gas right now? Some of my friends seem to have been able to load up in the middle of the night. Might do the same although they did say it’ll be back by Friday?

I was able to fill up yesterday morning when I heard there was a problem, good thing as I have a trip to Florida planned, some stations have gas others do not, those who still have gas have jacked up prices.

That was yesterday, not sure if it is better or worst today. I also live in a rural area so not a lot of traffic

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All is normal here now. I was able to gas up over the weekend with a 10 minute wait. I hope the people who started loading grocery bags and jugs with gas are happy with themselves. :roll_eyes:

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I have been in Florida since Friday, no shortages here, I think that gas pipeline does not service Florida.

But just to be safe I need to get into the habit of filling up at half a tank,

Yeah that is a habit I’d need to start too, I usually wait until I’m near empty to be “efficient” lol.

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Gas prices drop overnight in Charlotte, first decline since Colonial Pipeline shutdown

Is everything going back to normal then?

Yup! All is back to normal here at least!