Gbp/chf short

Daily chart for gbp/chf

Seems like this pair is about to hit the perfect set up
once rsi ticks down and/or the stoch crosses, i will short this baby with SL just above the resistance line
who else coming abroad this shorting trip!

^^ That was a good trade my friend! I just saw it but I was too late.

um…there’s still a chance that it will go back up then down again then that’ll be another opportunity to short once again
prices are moving very slowly atm, possibly means the market isn’t too sure to go up or down
maybe some possible strategies include selling when macd histogram crosses the 0 or just plain out sell the breakout of yesterday’s low
or just wait for next set up
whatever you do make sure you have an entry and exit plan

take a look at pic
this is the 4h chart on this pair, prices are reaching a lower low but the oscillators dont agree with the trend showing a bearish divergence on all three
i immediately exited this trade after seeing this, barely made a profit since i entered a bit late
will find a better set up to short next
currently it might reverse back up in the short term
i think that was the reason for the prices to slow down drastically

im still bearish on this pair dont get me wrong, i just ran away from signs of weakening from the trend

Good Catch mate,

My view on this pair, the pair is just close below 1.4830 support level yesterday. It might go to down to next support 1.4700 IMO. So the Target.

Happy pipping