GBP/JPY Equity Building Profitable trading strategies

there is no right way, there is only up or down…

Weekly demand (buying) :smiley:

I guess I need to maybe start using some stop losses? this DD is killing me?

39 days live trading, not going so good, terrible average win! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow did it tooks 10 years to achieve this? There are 4,000 post OMG I want your result but I want to skip reading all the text! How is it even possible. Is this just some kind of back testing?

no actually thats live current account. and sadly it took more than 10 years :frowning:

thats now: and you can check it at myfxbook:
which is slow updating sometimes, but eventually they tally it all up exactly right.

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you were right I believe 10 years are worth better than $800 profit.
did you dive into gambling strategy like the reverse martingale?
say you tossed $1 and make $2, you then tossed your $2 and you won $4, you then tossed $4…$65,536…$16,777,216…

I think it make sense when you have a strict win rate.

I appreciate the discord but I don’t use it.

this is only about 40 days of live trading, struggling to hold on to 99% winners, and DD is a little low, but all is well. I moved this journal type stuff to the new journal thread at Rrram² Fx Fitness Journal

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At a same time too many trades. How it’s possible? I am confused :open_mouth:


yeah trouble is too made trades too easily turns into too many profits and your fingers get worn out if you dont have some bots or scripts. What are you confused about?

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Live Market Timing and Trading with Sam Seiden - Free Access dont miss this listen very closely to what Sam says about “trends” starting at 35:35 into the video

I told you at least 10 years ago in no uncertain terms that the trend and the stop loss are lies to cause you to lose $ more easily in trading forex.


but keep playing tip toe through the tulips and watch out for the landmines, how about a nice game of minesweeper? DD excercise almost complete :slight_smile:

having a hard time hanging onto that 99.0% winners stat, but its all good :slight_smile:

DD EXCERCISE COMPLETE! still holding one! I hate to get flat!

Rrram² Fx Fitness Journal DD all gone, rinse repeat

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Hi there - you results are inspiring, great work!
im interested in learning more about your system. I started reading from the beginning of the thread then skippped thru to the end (its very long :)) and noticed that its changed alot since inception. Would you be able to explain the relevant points or direct me to them if they are collated online somewhere so that i may study up on it?
I already trade a swing system based on pivot levels. Im particularly interested in how you derive the entry and exit levels and how you manage the DD.
Thanks again for sharing your system :slight_smile:

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I have changed some over the years, just added more trading models, this one is focused on ST scalping in an effort to trade 500 lots in a $1000 live account to capture the $1000 (fake money) Bonus, the broker added to the account to hope I overleverage HAHAHHA! as if!


looks awesome!

Am just a beginner, still trading demo, I look forward to being like you guys. Just want to learn all there to learn in fx .
Charles. (Nigeria)

me too, but this thread is too long! I was attracted to it by its age and size, but seems dead here lately.