GBP/USD trade idea

Brave? Foolish, I’d say. :slight_smile: But seriously, my bias was long even without Ichimoku. :slight_smile:

“Vi veri universum vivus vici.”

I did not trade. I guess my loss was this cable opportunity that I let slip.

But ya…i’m still watching this pair to see how it will behave.
I’m moving on to find another set up.

I’m still long on this pair. I except news from GB with high impact.

“Vi veri universum vivus vici.”

Closed long with 15 pips of loss, and now I’m short. It’s going down now, bears will prevail, because of bad news from England.

“Vi veri universum vivus vici.”

Closed short with 1 pip of profit. It seems that bears cannot produce much selling pressure. If we get a close with hammer, that’s a strong signal that bullishness will continue.

“Vi veri universum vivus vici.”

I have a feeling that this GU is going to rocket again on Monday… Unless there is bad news coming? Thoughts Norwood?

I can’t find economic indicators for Monday (it’s still early for them). I think that we should wait to see what will happen at close.

I’ll know for certain on Sunday. Boromir would say: “One does not simply ignore economic indicators”.

“Vi veri universum vivus vici.”

And as I said before, next major battle between bulls and bears will be in February. Get ready for bunch of pips, make sure that you’ll be on the right side of the market.

“Vi veri universum vivus vici.”

We are heading for a very interesting showdown. The odds though favour the bulls at the moment. But who knows maybe the bears have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Here’s how Cable looks right now. There is not any news for Cable until Tuesday.

MACD is worrying me. Seems that bears will regain control, and drag down this pair.

“Vi veri universum vivus vici.”

I was thinking about going short. I missed that opportunity…

Now I’m waiting too see what will happen at 1.6. That point is massive support and psychological point as well.

of course it’ll rebound at 1.6, god will help me!

Short, TP 1.061 (TS 15 pips). Economic data from UK are disappointing again.

Pending order at 1.59. But it seems that support holds. I’m scared about going long because of high risk.

“Vi veri universum vivus vici.”

Might be long. The RSI is calling for a rebound on 1h chart.

BTW, does anyone trade this pair today?

“Vi veri universum vivus vici.”

Pretend that indicator didn’t exist.

Price looks like it’s going down. I’m short.


I had a cheeky little trade with it 1.60285 entry and out at 1.60063. Other than that was waiting to see if it dropped below the 1.6

It’s currently at 1.60220

Like your posts Norwood.


10 pips here, and 40 pips on other pair. That’s all for today.

This pair should go down. By looking at negative data from UK, I don’t understand why it didn’t break its support yet. 1.6 looks like it’s made of steel.

There are news coming out at 1:30 pm GMT, they should move this pair up or down.

“Vi veri universum vivus vici.”