GBP/USD Trading

Good Luck with your new strategy. I hope your not quitting your job yet until you verify your new system works :slight_smile: . I read many threads on trading that way and I like it. I just like using the indicators as confirmations.


thanks topgun. No I have not quit my job yet but soon I will take a week or two and pretend trading full time. 3 winners, 1 losser out of 4 so far. My 5th trade I entered long on usd/cad this am on the naked system. It was +6 pips when I left home. Well see what happens today.

I’m so frustrated this morning.

I left my platform running all night long just like any other nights. I have an open trade that was doing well. I shutdown my monitors before I go to bed but leave the computer runnning. I woke up this am at 5am cst to check my trade. My charts looks good then --all of a sudden my trading platform shutdown and restarted itself and when it finally came back and reloaded the charts --All charts were HOURS IN THE FUTURE regarding price display! I was $ooo mad. I missed not only the signal to close a winning trade but also missed out short opportunities on gbp & eur.

Any VT Traders out there who have encountered this problem? What did you guys do to make sure this does not happen again? This means losing money because the software failed to update the charts.

In my opinion, any critical financial software should be “designed for failure”. If internet connection is interrupted for instance, the software should shutdown and automatically restart itself and still give the user up to date real time charts price display.

I talked to support and told them this cannot happen again or else…


That sux. It happened to me a few times on Oanda where the price stop updating :mad: . I was not in any trades at the time but it does make me nervous which is why I am in the habit of trailing my stops which sometimes get taken out and I miss the big move.