GBPCHF: Bearish Divergence?

GBPCHF daily chart showing bearish divergence.
btw ur pic doesn’t show a divergence

this first pic is bearish divergence, higher price tops but lower highs on the oscillators

this pic is bullish divergence, lower price bottoms but higher lows on the oscillator

so learn about these divergences first
also, im very bearish on this pair, waiting for setup right now

Hi NewbTrader, the bearish divergence you are showing on your chart is REGULAR one (higher high on price, lower high on oscillator) while my chart is showing a HIDDEN bearish divergence (lower high on price, higher high on oscillator). Pls check the attached chart (zoomed in) and let me have you opinion about it.

And thanks for sharing your sentiment on this pair with us. Appreciate if you let us know your setup as well…

omg, thx just googled hidden divergence, never knew they existed, thx for pointer lol

you’re welcome. btw, has your “wait for setup” yielded in any position yet?