GBPJPY Bull pattern

I think it’s down next for this pair. I’ll be scalping it (my favourite pair too) either way

Yes if you want to technical about it like that. wether the SL is 10 pips above entry or 100 pips its considered risk free regardless

The support zone looks strong. However, trendline’s resistance may hold the buyers back to go long in the pair. I am going to wait for the price to make a breakout at the triangle to take entry in the pair.

Good evening all, thought I would update on the GJ buy we are in. Last week was very good for our position as I thought it would be. in total we are in 330 pips in profit on the position, with this week alone bringing in 230 pips alone, which is pretty good. BUT yet again we find price has met the supply zone which has caused price to fall back on the previous trades. So I urge to watch what happens on market opening and the first day of trading this week, as we could fall back again. If not and the bull is here to stay we are looking to break the supply zone to the upside for continuation. Keep holding for now but keep watch the beginning of the week, enjoy the rest of your weekend, GLIYF

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I’ll be entering this one on the retest. Hopefully early this week

Gone through the roof now - just as I sold it :slightly_frowning_face:

This is an explicit breakout. The buyers may wait for the price to make a bearish correction at the trendline’s support followed by a bullish reversal to go long in the pair. The risk-reward is very lucrative here.

We’re coming close to a decision now i think. Ill be looking to enter a position on this pair Monday latest

Good morning all, what a week we have had. Began the week with a TP hit and also ending the week reporting on the TP on GJ being smashed through. I have been buying from that demand zone multiple times. We have had some good trades from in over the past few months, I always thought we would get the break to the upside, and this week it happened in style. Currently we are 713 pips in profit on this setup, TP was just over 500 pips, where I did close some of my position just incase and left the rest running, which I am glad I did and I hope you also did too. Price has found itself at this supply zone from 2018 so I think we may see a pullback in price from here. Keep holding for now and ill update again next week on the next move, enjoy closing some profits for now. GLIYF


Always solid ta mate

God dayum :joy::joy: let’s go

Spot on! The price has been heading towards your TP with good momentum. Please keep us updated if anymore opportunity comes. Thanks in advance.

Awesome trade. Let’s hit the 2nd TP too.

GJ has had its fun now it can re-trace a bit please to pull me out of the doggy doo

GJ is a force when it goes like this.
Very nice trade for all those who caught it.
Expect to see a pull back in the week ahead

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They dont call it the beast for nothing lol but agree so many pairs including GJ are over stretched and need a pullback

Good morning all, GJ has been great to us on the last few trades we have taken from it. Buying each time we fall back to demand has served us well. With the last position peaking at 850 pips, I closed the remainder of my positions at 758 pips when we got the doji daily candle, low and behold price still continued to rise. But nothing to complain about here. So what’s next, we it looks clear the bull is here to stay and I think we are just getting a pullback in price. So I will be looking to buy if price gets back to the demand area shown on the chart, with a confluence of the moving average for support it should be a nice area to buy in again. mark up your charts and keep watching for price action in that area. GLIYF


If the price comes back and produces a bullish reversal, it would be a good setup to go long. I am going to keep an eye on this chart to go long as well. I will keep you updated.

I’m happy for GJ to go on a bull run now. That little pull back got me out of all my sells :slight_smile:

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Same here. All my GJ trades closed out :slight_smile:

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