GBPJPY Bull pattern

Very strong bullish moves from GBP last week. Will we see a pullback before continuation? Appreciate anyone that head’s over and give’s a watch and a sub. Have a good trading week all

GBP looks good now. Considering GBPUSD, the pair may find its resistance around 1.15000. A bullish breakout above the level may make GBP stronger in coming days.

The pair found its resistance around 1.14000. It has been choppy since then. The buyers may wait for the price to make a bullish breakout at 1.14000 to go long in the pair.

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looks like its massively ranging atm

Tough not to see more downside. The 1.504 position is a key hold if any hope to remain bullish

The pair is traded around 169.400. A breakout followed by a bullish reversal candle may push the price towards the North. On the other hand, the pair may get bearish if it goes below 165.450.

The pair is in range still in the H4 chart. Traders are to be very patient with the pair to take an entry. The level of 167.640 has been working as the level of support and the level of 170.500 has been working as a level of resistance here.

GBJPY looking bullish again now - JPY is so weak. I wouldn’t be surprised in the coming months that it hits 200.00. Would be a great time to go to Japan at that point!

The pair made another bullish breakout in the H4 chart. It closed its trading week above the breakout level as well. The buyers may keep their eyes in the pair to go long upon having a bullish reversal candle at the breakout level.

All time charts are screaming bullish but this can’t go forever.

As expected, the level of 165.300 has been working as a level of support. The price had a bounce. It has been heading towards the North with very good momentum. It may find its next resistance around 169.000.

JPY is so volatile at the moment. Itll be something to watch on for the week ahead

Big news coming out today for DXY. Couple of positions running in good profits at the moment, one hit SL at entry. Head over for this week’s video. Appreciate any likes and subscribers.

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The pair is traded around 165.350. Traders are to be very careful here. They may have to wait for a strong bullish reversal pattern to go long. A bearish breakout, on the other hand may attract the sellers to go short in the pair.

The pair may end up making a bearish breakout at 165.350. I have been watching its price action since morning. Looks like the bear may win the battle here.

Yes, looks like we may be coming back down to test that trend line and moving average.

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There’s a daily OB at 161.058 - 159.728.

I would imagine price to continue down here and then continue up. Let’s see what happens over the next week.

The pair has been choppy in the H4 chart. The sellers may wait for the price to make a bearish breakout at 163.700. Traders are to be patient here to find its next direction.

The price has been having a bullish correction. However, it is traded above 166.250. Thus, it may extend its correction further. Traders should be patient with the pair now.

GJ is very messy for me - but I’m still looking to long around the daily OB (161.058 - 159.728)