GCM FX Trader

G’day Everyone, I’m Glenton from Australia. Good to be here and amongst fellow traders new and old. Been in the currency game for several years and have worked in New York, London, Zurich, Hong Kong and Australia. Recently tested the other “Game” known as Binary Options Trading. Some real pushy sales people over there. Tested their waters by placing a 10,000 initial deposit only to find they are dead-against “Withdrawals” of your own money. Stay clear of Binary Options Trading is my advice.

Welcome Glenton and thanks for sharing your experiences with Binary Options. Was this a regulated broker and did you eventually get your money out?

Hi Pip, Oh yes it was indeed a regulated platform (broker) and I’m still waiting for my deposit. I’m now advising fellow FX and other interested parties to be very careful when dealing with a Binary Option Organization. They seem to think that anyone that shows interest in Binary Options Trading is a “Newbe, Green Horn or a Kid”, well this Organization won’t forget my name in a hurry as I’ve made sure that other clients in Australia, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong who were waiting for my report will not be considering investing in Binary Options Trading. I’ve also received several feedbacks from new investors who have or are having problems withdrawing funds from these Binary Options Trading Organizations, they’ll take your money and bombard you with “science” but try a withdrawal and you’ll notice the change in attitude.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the heads up!