Getting accepted/started with a broker

Hi, was wondering what types of id I need to deposit/withdraw, and how easy/quick have people found it to open a real money account?? I’m looking at city index or ig index wondering if anyone has an account with either of these and if so how have they found their experience with the site… Thanx in advance

Usually the broker will need to see things like a scanned copy of your passport and proof of address so they can do their KYC checks. Been a while since I set mine up so not sure exactly what they need these days. Mine’s with Oanda and it was a very simple process to set up and deposit/withdraw funds. Would imagine IG Index would be similar.

Can they be photographed instead of scanned??

Probably fine so long as they’re clear. Easiest thing is to just start the process and they’ll let you know what they need from you.

It is very easy process with good brokers. You just need to talk to the broker you have chose and they will give you all the info you need.

As for me, simply take a photo of your ID, front and back, and proof of address (driving license)
Upload them or send it to them, they will do the rest for you.