Getting started

Hi there

Just wondering what was the best way to gain the basic skills for successful Forex trading without risk.

I am enjoying the FXGame by Oanda as a way of cutting my teeth but are there any other recommendations?


Babypips’ school of pipsology is, in my opinion, the best place to start.

After you “graduated”, you can use google to find fx tutorials, e-books, forums,…

Also do continue demo-trading!


What do you mean by, “without risk?” Do you mean without using real money?
Demo trading is a good start. It is not equal to real money trading. The “games” are run on different servers, sometimes have different price feeds, and they certainly experience differing degrees of reliability during crunch time. You may want to click on a couple of the advertiser links on this site and see the demos they offer.

Oh, right! Like fx-tiger said, use the babypips school as a primer. It’s a good place to start…

Thanks guys for the advice.