Getting the chart history for the whole year for backtesting

In order for me to back test manually, I need to start with Jan 2011 or 2012. I tried this in MT4 and the 15M chart stops at Jun 06 2012. I then downloaded MT5 thinking this will give me the required results, but I ended with the same. Is there any way that I could the history starting from Jan 2011 or 2012? I checked the 4HR chart and it has data from 2009, not sure why it’s not working with 15M.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Back test with Forex Tester. The data for most pairs is free and the software is a one time fee. The data on most pairs go back to 2001. Almost all the pros I know use it. Do some searching and try to find a discount link to save a few bucks. It is what I personally use also.