Giving up the pipe dream of making a living in Forex

Of course it is & it’s yet another example of going way over the top in an effort to defend these show ponies who trawl the forum regurgitating nonsense they’ve either read in some low quality over-inflated priced book or picked up at a $2k one-day seminar they’ve been levered into by some slick tongued sales pitch.

If individuals are intending to tutor, advise or instruct others on a public forum or regularly offer up (hindsight) trade entries giving the impression they’re experienced & successful participants in the market, then they should be fully prepared to submit a myfxbook or equivalent to validate their honesty & credibility when requested to do so.
In fact they shouldn’t have to be asked to do so in the first place.

The reason they don’t provide validation is because they don’t have any worth providing.
In the vast majority of cases they’re no more credible or qualified to dispense advice to newbies than the newbies themselves.

Absolutely they do & if folks don’t receive confirmation of their track record they should immediately stick that person on the ignore list & move on because these show ponies will con you out of your valuable time trying to convince you they’re a credible source of trading information.

And you won’t because if they dared to show one their credibility & elevated forum status would evaporate in an instant.
That’s why they will do everything possible (including attempting to belittle you for asking) to avoid supplying verification of their supposed successful trading activity.

No “empirical evidence” but it sounds like our old buddy jadd806 is back.

Seems the lad might be addicted to trolling babypips in the same way a “delusional gambler” is addicted to slot machines.

Always sad to see banned members crawl back in under a new nickname, my guess is they have no self-control, just can’t stop. Maybe it’s a disease? :56:

So let me get this straight…

I am all for showing " myfxbook" if someone is selling something, marketing, advertise, or mentoring or anything that you have to pay for this type of service. I wanted to be clear that these does not include the regular posters on here who just want to express their experiences and have “some” knowledge while still in the mids of a learning stage. Or someone who just want to collaborate his or her trading ideas and offer " some" help. There are those who just wanted to contribute on something and trying to stay away with other people who demand " myfxbook" to build credibility. There are other ways to build credibility not just who define via myfxbook…

I just wanted to be clear on that so anyone are still free to post their ideas and experience. Besides, this is what Babypips website is for… To communicate with other traders around the world and share their experiences with others and hope it will help them along the way with this journey…

Come to think of it, you are right. Reading OP’s post again, this is indeed jadd806. He makes the same points jadd used and uses the same language (“pipe dream”?) as jadd.

Good spot!

Of course. Anybody is free to share their viewpoint. Nobody is obligated to post a myfxbook. But when forum hotshots with hundreds of posts like yourself, gp, PipMeHappy, and many others give advice you dance around the facts. You folks like to [B][I]imply[/I][/B] that you are profitable and that your advice is coming from a well-seated position. When in reality you have nothing or very little to show for the hundreds or thousands of hours you have spent on trading and forum posting, and are hardly more qualified to give advice than those whom you dispense it to.

So again, nobody is obligated to post a myfxbook or verified broker statements. It would just be refreshing to see [B]even just a single one[/B] of the dozens of hotshots here to put up. But that won’t happen, and we all know exactly why.

Jadd, please get a dog or a hobby. You still sound like a broken record.


No. If you must know, I am a “hotshot” myself (over 3,000) posts on FF where I post under a different, though similar name. While I was still attempting to be a “trader” I coded many free indicators and EAs, some of which became quite popular. I’m sure quite a lot of people here have used my work before and would recognize my name. I get bugged on FF quite frequently by people looking for me to bugfix and update my previous work, even though I am not longer trading or coding indicators. I did not want to experience that here.

Lol wow that’s amazing…

I am not selling anything! I am only posting of what my experience does far… And it is not my fault that I am making a lot of progress and because of it, i am excited to share it. I was asked before if I could mentor someone but I know I am not equip to do it so I said No…

I’ll take it as compliment though… “Hotshots”! Too funny!

PS: well, I guess I can’t post anymore since I am one of the " Hotshots"… It sucks to be me I guess…

That’s us:

Hot Shots! (1991) - IMDb

confrontation, contradiction, are always side by side with the unknown situation. i think thus simply words i’ve learn based on my first years decide to get serious with fx trading. having a full negation from people around, including my family. I leave home, living on my own, had a job for living, and fx trading for advance earning. all forum members should understand what you may concern, it’s a common problem for anyone who not really put a serious attempt in learning, in what fx trading works, all you may concern perhaps how to get rich, fx trading should be our private money printing machine.
and yet you really get pissed off, as stated fx trading never suit for investment plan!! not a chance!
it not worked that way, while perhaps it works the opposite way, you dont suit with fx trading, by a chance!
just my thought. have a great journey sir.

I haven’t read the whole thread or even the complete initial post but it sounds like you ain’t enjoying forex. Not everybody has the mentallity for it. Get out before it consumes you man. There’s more to life!

I think perhaps you’re painting a rather excessively flattering portrait there Roger. :slight_smile:

As much as they’re friendly, amiable & enthusiastic forum posters there’s no evidence to support them being tagged as consistently successful forex traders, certainly not based on their contributions thus far, implied or otherwise.

Perhaps… Neither you guys are… You don’t show any successful trades either, nor any myfxbook, nor any contributions, where we can all learn from… So what gives? Have you help anyone on here? I don’t think so…

If you, not-so-jolly roger, and the other one or two who agree with you are so unhappy with the main contributors on this forum you are always free to go elsewhere. Either that or start posting something constructive…and don’t forget to show some proof of your capabilities

And neither do they claim to PipNRoll.
But with all due respects, he’s not wrong is he.

And if he is wrong then obviously any or all of you 3 guys can very easily make him eat his words by producing a verified track record showing a consistently profitable balance :slight_smile:

I am not exactly sure why this is all about on the three of us. Did we do something wrong? Did we solicited anyone on here? Or maybe we rub the wrong ego and accidentally stepping on someone’s toes? We are not claiming anything… We are not selling anything! You guys might be barking the wrong tree. I did post myfxbook this year with 60% profit and I close myfxbook because there is no use for me to " flag" it. I even lay out that I am making progress with 3 years of experience in my belt. I didn’t mention any excessive claims and that I am still looking to learn more…

You guys who always ask for proof and myfxbook and it sounds like this is the only " credibility" that you are looking for so please show us how you trade and what strategy you use…

Again, with all due respect, I think you guys are barking the wrong tree…

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can’t speak for everyone but it was only emerald i am slightly dubious about. but since im not a regular in his thread or anything i haven’t bothered to ask him to verify any claims as it doesn’t effect me.

I think I am missing something here. So you are a bigshot on FF and you lurk babypips for a while and make an account only to cause trouble and harass other users you perceive to be bigshots.

Oh yeah, that makes so much sense! and what’s your end goal if I may ask?

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Nobody is barking up any tree PipNRoll :slight_smile:

You kind of add yourself right into the mix by simply replying nearly every time this subject matter raises its head across various threads on the forum. Then PipMeHappy usually tags along on your skirt hems & gp00053 is generally thererabouts somewhere, hence the spotlight.

But not to worry, you guys aren’t the focus of the subject matter anyway.

A picure saying more then 1703 great motivational post ,AMEN