Glasslike's Trader Journal From 0-100,000 Pips

Long on AUDUSD @ 0.89856


Long EURGBP @ 0.85507
+7.8 Pips

Short AUDNZD @ 1.14706
-48.2 Pips


Long AUDNZD @ 1.14712

Net Pip -128.2


Long GBPUSD @ 1.55954
Long USDCHF @ 0.92461
Short EURJPY @ 131.078


Long AUDUSD @ 0.89856
Long AUDNZD @ 1.14712


AUDUSD Long @ 0.90135
+27.9 Pips

Net Pips: -100.3


GBPUSD @ 1.56039
+8.5 Pips

Net Pips: -91.8

Sorry this is a bit of a late update but I closed my short position for EURJPY @ 131.076 giving a profit of 0.2 Pips.
I was a bit worried that it will start to rise so closed it as soon as I could without worrying about profit.

Net Pips: -91.6

I have also modified my open trades:

My Long on AUDNZD
TP: 1.15028

My Long on USDCHF
TP: 0.98000

My Long on USDCHF as reached TP @ 0.98000 giving me a profit of 33.9 Pips.

Net Pips: -57.7

I am very slowly making a come back.

There will be not more trades today and my last open position seems like it will be closing soon.

I will update when my Long on AUDNZD closes.

See you in a bit.

Closed my Long position on AUDNZD @ 1.5028 giving me 31.6 pips profit.

Net Pips: -26.1


Long AUDUSD @ 0.90152


Long AUDUSD @ 0.90355 Profit 20.3 Pips.

Net Pips: -5.8


Long AUDUSD @ 0.90217


Stop loss was ignored?
Not sure what happened there.

Well at least I turned a profit from my SL failing.

Long AUDUSD @ 0.90223
0.6 Pips profit

Net Pips: -5.2

Okay, ready to start the trading week. I’m 7 hours behind as I had to deal with some idiots today. Let’s just say not a great start to the week.

Anyways, almost a fresh start from the beginning. Last week was the most horrible week I have had in ages.

Okay let trade.

Okay my first trade for the week.

Here we go

Going LONG on AUDUSD @ 0.90409

Will probably close it early but lets see.

Opened another trade.

Going LONG on NZDUSD @ 0.72829
SL: 0.77700
TP: 0.80000

Hoping for the rise of the USD. Took quite a hit last week. Looking like it will bounce back.

And here comes another.

Going SHORT on EURCAD @1.40522
SL: 1.41000
TP: 1.39700

I’m most likely going to let these trades hit TP as I see no reason they shouldn’t. If there is a large change in the pattern I may close the trades depending on how I am feeling.

I might do something that is extremely looked down upon. Before going to sleep I may remove my stop losses.

Also completely off topic. Does anyone have a Stars account and want to vs me in poker? I’m willing to play at any limits. Even play chips. I miss the game.

Thinking about going long on the EURUSD.
I will wait to see if it dips below 1.33670. If it does it’s likeely to drop 1.33640 with little resistane. I am geussing within 1 hour. If that occurs I’m geussing it’s going to be a bearish run.