Go long or short Prediction help

Go long or short Prediction help…

I’m looking for something that will help in letting me know to go long or short on trades. Ill give a example: I found this site here ( GBPUSD Chart | Live Euro to U.S. Dollar Chart | Historical GBP/USD rates ) to the left of the chart it tell if you should go short or long on trades. Does any one know of other sources that give information like this, something better or equal? I’m not fully depended on stuff like that just kinda use it as a overview. Basically looking for something will would make a prediction on how currency pairs will move in the market.


Eerr, actionforex.com. They have analysis in EWT and Ichi/indi’s separately for all the majors, and the respective (EW n’ Indi) trade ideas for three or so pairs. I do not read them much, but they are usually correct because they give a specific price-yard to guard and wide stops, and ofcourse wiide targets.

The bearish/bullish indicator there is just a sentiment indicator based on what most of the members on the website are doing or thinking… nothing magical about it, just an overall picture of what the crowd think on that website. A few brokers also have this kind of info, such as Easy Forex.

I do like the real-time charts there however!

ok Thanks for the info, i was wanting to find something that would give info on what analyst think, on how a currency pair will move. If anyone has anymore info let me know.

Thanks again.

I think your going to be disappointed taking trades off what analyst say. If you want an over view of a pair I would look at a site that uses a bunch of indicators to indicate trend. Now its not hard to look at a chart with no indicators and see a trend so I am not sure even what use that would be.
If you are looking for signals find a site that has real traders trading real money that you can follow. Some sites like this allow the signal providers to trade demo. On some sites the signal providers must trade a real account. Some of these sites are free for the trade followers some are not. I would look for a free one and use a demo account your self at first. Now I will say I think in the long run you will be better off learning to trade your self.

Ok, if you want some predictions, FxStreet gives out an overview about major currencies. So, you can react by their reviews - if it’s strongly bullish, wait for a good momentum and buy. If it’s bearish - vice versa.