Going offshore to escape the CFTC

No, it is worse!

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lmao, ok but not for me

i send a ticket to coinexx i have my account set at 500:1 so i decide to use a margin caculator and found out i was only getting 300:1

SmallPaul, it seems that you have been here for quite some time. The Father of the Thread! I wish you would say something that would actually help someone. I am glad that Crypto is working for you. You using Coinbase. Were you hit with Zero deposit Limit, after all validations? Five dollar debit card weekly limit? This is what I faced! Maybe they don’t like my name or picture? I found this ludicrous! I can’t stand manipulation of the playing fields. Maybe your playing field is level, mine was not! Glad you are successful with Crypto, maybe you can share how?

Please let us know about your Coinexx margin issue. I was looking to buy Bitcoins to fund my live account at Coinexx. I may think Crypto is Crap, for now, but I always have an open mind and I am always seeking a better way to do things. Thank you.

i use coinebase pro the fees are cheaper, i pretty much do withdrawals with brokers but when i fund coinexx account i withdrew litecoin from tradersway into my coinbase pro account then i send them to coinexx. so i haven’s fund my coinbase account in a long time. i remember asking for a bigger limit for withdrawals last year and they gave it to me.

sorry if i can’t be of more help

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You will likely see many complaints online regarding Coinbase and Gemini. There are many reasons for this, but they are viable options.

Unfortunately, you will be required to provide KCY documents, go through an approval process/experience wait times, fees, account/purchase limits et al…

While there are a few other options available to US citizens, those options may not be ideal, especially if you are looking to purchase large amounts of crypto. Most people initially opt for one of the aforementioned simply because they operate inside of the US, which provides a layer of security, as well as the fact that bank wire transfers can be used and crypto can be purchased without any fees, directly on the exchange.

I remember experiencing a great deal of frustration with both of these services when I first started. I am sure that things are even worse now for new accounts. Unfortunately, I do not foresee many improvements with regard to customer convenience due to over-regulation, compliance and restrictions etc., but I am hopeful that better alternatives may become available once we see wider adoption for cryptocurrency in the future. I do see other countries leading the way, however, while the US falls way behind, for obvious reasons. So, we may have to continue looking offshore as things continue to play out here in ridiculous fashion.


We discussed LQDFX a few weeks ago. Their EURUSD symbol specification stops level is 20 where most places are 0. I did have an issue with an EA I was running on demo account with them because of that. I stopped using them. However, this doesn’t mean they are not trustworthy. I think we need some more feedback from others. They are also MT4 only; I need MT5.

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I found Coinbase customer service to be incredibly friendly, patient, and competent. I have nothing negative to say about them.

LAF, you must be friggin kidding me!! Are you a real millionaire? Why are you treated so well and everyone else treated like a s…t hole country? Because that was my experience. I told them to F off and die! And boy did I mean it! Screw Crypto Crapo!! Sorry but this is how I really feel, based on my experience. I am glad that your experience is so nice, you must be one in a million. OK, everyone, now is your chance to vote on Coinbase. Lets hear it because I am 66, been trading forex for 12 years, am retired, live on the ocean and have a boat at my dock, so I am not really a friggin loser, to be treated so damn poorly by Coinbase! My opinion of Coinbase will never change. OK everyone, lets hear your opinions! LAF, your comments make no sense at all. There are literally thousands of complaints on Coinbase.

base on my experience and my understanding of crypto i have no problem with coinbase, i just buy, sell, send or receive. i havent had much dealing with customer service. i sign up give them what they ask for and take it from there


Are you referring to KYC documents for Gemini? I spoke with them and beyond providing the standard driver’s license/misc info they have no limits on BTC purchases.

Maybe I should try Gemini, but when I looked into their reputation and reviews, everything I found was incredibly negative. People locked out of accounts and unable to convert back to fiat US Dollars. Scores of issues. After the way I was treated by Coinbase, I was ready to just forget about Crypto Crapo. I may just stay with Tradersway, and all their misgivings.

Hmm strange. Maybe that is for those actively trading crypto. If you plan on using Gemini to make a deposit to a broker or withdrawals on a not-so-frequent basis I imagine it’s fine.

I specifically asked if they needed anything else in the way of standard docs (drivers license, proof of addy) and they specifically said no. This is in reference to a personal account and I am not sure how the process of a corporate account goes.

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I am using Gemini, and so far my experience with them has been good. The sign up process was easy; questions that I submitted to their support team were all answered in a timely manner. They said “that’s a good question…” then they would answer the best they could. Last week I made a deposit; the transfer was done in the 4-5 days like they said it would take to complete. I have not done withdrawals yet, but I’ll share my experience when I get to that point. So far I’m happy with them.

Also, question for you guys. With crypto wallet addresses (like email right?) can’t we transfer BTC/LTC etc. between brokers if we want? I plan moving BTC/LTC between COINEXX and Tradersway.

Regarding Gemini KYC, back when I registered, they even required a copy of my SS card, not just the number, but the actual card. Regarding limits, I was not referring to Gemini, but specifically to Coinbase as it relates to credit card purchases.

Depends on the broker. Most brokers require you to withdraw from them using the same address that was used to deposit, for security purposes.

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I just signed up with them last week, and they did not require a copy of my SS card.

Right. Things have likely changed since I signed up.

What was your method of deposit that took 4-5 days? ACH?

Not that it matters, but here is an excerpt from an email response that was given by Gemini a few years ago:

Gemini is a financial institution — as a New York State-chartered trust company, we are required by law to collect your SSN/SIN in order to comply with the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and anti-money laundering (AML) rules and regulations. To learn more about how we safely and securely store this information, please refer to our ‘Security’ page: Security for a description of the security design we employ.

Please upload a copy of your SSN card to your profile for review.