Going offshore to escape the CFTC

oh i know all about taxes and the IRS and knows how this gonna end for him, dude is really not my friend

Coinexx informed me they processed the second transaction.

I was given the link that the second withdrawal was successful.



Federal Gift Taxes. The Lifetime Exemption From Federal Gift Taxes


How the Annual Gift Tax Exclusion Works
The annual exclusion is $15,000 as of 2018, and it’s expected to remain at $15,000 in 2019. You can give this much money or property to any one individual per year without incurring a gift tax. If you want to give gifts to two people, they can total $30,000. You can give $45,000 to three people…and so on.

If you give your child $20,000 in one calendar year for a down payment on a house, you have a choice to make. You can either pay the gift tax on the additional $5,000 over the annual exclusion in the current year, or you can apply your lifetime exemption to the $5,000. That’s worth $11.18 million in 2018 and it’s slated to increase to $11.4 million in 2019.

good to hear

hi how is your project CR coming along…it’s always good to see you guys are holding up well. :sweat_smile:

love them no problems so far, i have not went all in yet looking to make that move the beginning of next year Jan 2020

My first group of trusted brokers list.


My second group of trusted brokers list.



thumbs up for you. good work !! super SmallPaul . :smiley:

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How long have you used LQDFX?

beginning of the year fulltime

Chairman Tarbert Comments on Cryptocurrency Regulation at Yahoo! Finance All Markets Summit


Not completely in line with the article, but I find it difficult to take any representative or organization seriously when they are so out of touch with reality. You cannot regulate with legislation that is designed to represent and/or favor the minority. Most of our elected officials have little understanding of what it is like to actually live paycheck-to-paycheck, so any claim to fairly represent the working class majority usually sounds like a sad joke.

Personally, I feel that any attempt, from any government, to tax, regulate or otherwise ‘set the rules for’ cryptocurrency just feels like a gross overreach of power and ego. Crypto is for the people, by the people and autonomous by design. For anyone to take claim to it or try to govern it totally goes against its very purpose and nature. They are afraid of losing their grip.

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quick question is trading at coinexx considered CFD trading ( buying and selling of Derivatives ) or it is the real buying and selling of the underlying asset ? UK govt does not seem to support Derivative trading. they will be taking some measures to stop retail Derivative trading as early as beginning of 2020. if what coinexx is doing is considered Derivative trading of cryptos then they could be on the hit list. will somebody shed some light on it…finally I settle down on this broker and just came across this effing news…

ps UK govt will only be targeting retail crypto derivative traders

dude if you wanna trade CFD or in my case forex with higher leverage you must go offshore, here in the U.S. im ban from trading higher leverage in the U.S. so i went offshore, the U.S. already have a hit list with offshore brokers on them.

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yes I mean UK govt is going to crack down on the brokers that offering crypto derivative trading to retail customers. I know cryptorocket , fxchoice offer crypto derivatives but not sure about coinexx. they don’t mention it on their website. they are big and they are one way or other out of UK, I guess. I will also try to chat with them tomorrow,

UK (just as with the USA) can only crack down on brokers within their jurisdiction. If they are not then there’s nothing they can do.

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need to be seen where coinexx is physically located…their payment processor ( bank ) location. I think coinexx might already be preparing for it.

coinexx left the U.K late last year, stop worrying and start trading :rofl:


oh really…do you really think they are working out of Seychelles…Seychelles got there internet connection very recently , I think 6 years ago internet was considered like super luxury there, internet connection or phone line is still very bad and very expensive there.

it’s like something in the middle of indian ocean. internet was not possible there 7 years ago , very weak connection

anyways wherever they are , I hope they are out of reach of regs.

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you be ok bro

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