Going offshore to escape the CFTC

I can double a $50 account in an hour or so, while watching TV. :slight_smile:


so true :rofl::laughing:

LOL you were the quickest to give the right answer! :rofl::joy:

oops i need to clarify, i was referring to the “ECP ppl” as in, the ppl trying to apply for it but got rejected, so they have to resort to US friendly offshore brokers listed here, with a large account (3 to 5m+).

but yes im sure there aren’t many that are trying to qualify that read this thread. figured it was worth the shot :slight_smile:

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Indeed. And even faster than that if you really wanted to. But, adjustments should be made over time unless the trader is only looking to profit from a small account indefinitely.

So just signed up for Eaglefx as well. Moving forward funds will be split between;

Trader’s Way (been using them forever)

Eaglefx has leverage share trading as well. Made $257 on a $2.57 move on apple.

Just further solidifies the regulations in the US are simply to prevent the non-wealthy from making money.
I mean, seriously, when you look at what is available in most of the world, it is complete joke


Is this a new offering? I cannot seem to find anything about it on their website. What leverage is offered for stocks? Thanks.

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Strange, I do not see it on their site either. I just opened account, hit select all in the market watch, there’s like 65 stocks. I did a one lot order and made 100x the price movement, so I imagine 100:1 on stocks. To be honest, I was in and out quick as I thought one lot was only going to give me 10:1.


How!? :sob:

Wow congrats man! I have so much to learn smh. Are you an intraday trader usually?

eagle/crypto/Hugo all offer share trading since they all use the exact same backend platform… I believe it’s 20:1.

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Supercomputers and Artificial Intelligence, augumented
by Natural Intelligence. That’s the American Way !!! :smile:

Just noticed Eaglefx and Tradersway have same exact address in Dominica. I mean I know they are just po box setups, but can’t they be a little more creative?


I knew it! Lmao! Do you have any advice for someone in my position? I saw earlier we should refrain from scalping and trading via the higher time frames is where the money is at. So do you have just 2 or 3 things to look out for or tips on how to be profitable consistently? I’ve had some growth and made $432 dollars profit off of $250, but i’ve also lost a good portion so I learned proper risk management very fast to say the least lol.

Doubling an account is easy. The hard part is learning how to not give it all back. Most people fail over the long-term because they try to grow their account quickly, and never dial back on the leverage/position size. You have to make adjustments as you go, else you are bound to take a big hit that will be difficult to recover from.

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I’ve been concerned about this too. Don’t want to spread risk across several brokers only to find out later that they are all owned by the same person… (single point of failure)


This focuses on News Event trading; but keep in mind there are several other ways
that the information can be used.

Free advice is worth every penny. :slight_smile: Access to the information is free, unless
you want some kind of “bootcamp” experience. :slight_smile: I’ll answer questions in that
thread, but there is no substitute for hard work

Consider this… If you had bought AUD against USD and held it for a while
where the mark appears, then you would have made some Ca$h .

[EDIT] somewhere between 300 to 500 PIPs was available potential.


So I chatted with eagle fx, “chrissy” insisted that was their only address. I even stated that I knew it was a non physical address and even expressed that I didn’t really care about that, just want a good trading experience. To boot, she claimed was not at all familiar with Traders way. I don’t think she really understood that I was calling her out on having the same address.

The good news is Traders Way has been on the CFTC red list for awhile and I really believe Dominica is untouchable at this point… But c’mon, can’t you at least find a different PO Box in Dominica? I mean, I understand it’s small, but is that the only address offering that service.

Anyone else thoughts/opinions on this? It is a good point, we work so hard to mitigate risk only to find out our funds are iall in one place anyway.

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there are only a few drop box / virtual office in dominica so it don’t surprise me that many compainess share the same address not just forex brokers


Yeah if you search the address alone theres several that come up with the same.