Going offshore to escape the CFTC

there are only a few drop box / virtual office in dominica so it don’t surprise me that many compainess share the same address not just forex brokers


Yeah if you search the address alone theres several that come up with the same.



…but icons/emoticons mixed up :slight_smile:


Interesting…….does it mean anything though?

This issue has been discussed before. It is not uncommon to see, nor is it exclusive to FX brokers. This is the nature of the beast anytime you choose to deal with companies/services that are trying to skirt regulatory compliance and/or maintain anonymity. Caution should always be used when trading via an offshore broker and best practices should be followed for risk mitigation.


Yes I also got this email, and was intrigued about the 150% matching bonus offer that was mentioned as a promo.

Just inquired about it with their Chat support. The catch about this Bonus is that it can not be withdrawn, so it is yours but not yours. What’s the fun of it then?

It increases your margin. In short, it helps most lose their money faster. Never accept a bonus.


I was helping a client, with a Live MT4 at IG U.S. and
we were absolutely unable to get the MT4 platform to
do “One Click Trading” right-clicking on the charts…
…even though we explicitly enabled it, and checked
the disclaimer box.

Their DEMO account happily did one-click trading
on MT4… so I’m confused. And my client says they
aren’t answering the phone, and also I see they have
no Trouble Ticket system on their website, SO… ??? :frowning:

[EDIT] By the way, they do not have a different MT4 version,
it is build 1260 which is identical to Coinexx MT4 so I guess
its behavior is determined on the server side… ?? I can attach
with Coinexx MT4 (identical build) and see if behavior changes…

[EDIT2] tried that, no change in behavior, no One Click on-chart Trading

[EDIT] OK, FIGURED IT OUT ! Under Symbols, they have a category
labelled “C-Forex-US” whose Currency Pair Symbols are all
SUFFIXED by “.FX” e.g. EURUSD.FX . With those symbols, the
One Click Trading appears. Must be very confusing to their U.S.
clients at first !!! LOL THANKS GUYZ for reading about this
mini-mystery with IG Markets U.S. MT4 behavior. LoovYaz All !!! :slight_smile:


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I believe eagle fx is improperly listed as a market maker on our page 1 list.

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i agree it was in their Terms before they change it but im pretty sure they not a market maker

Looking into it.


The List has been edited to show Eagle FX is an STP/ECN broker

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thank you clint

just got an email from cryptorocket i think now is the time to hammer home stable coin for withdrawals and deposits


Just a quick note from CryptoRocket to let you know we now have the capability to hold GBP and EUR in your wallet and for you to use in trading!

Added by popular request, we’ve been experiencing significant growth over the past few weeks especially as more people are staying in and keeping safe from Covid-19 that is plaguing the markets and causing incredible volatility. The addition of these currencies is just another example of our commitment to providing you the best trading experience.

If you are reading this and have other ideas and recommendations for improvements to CryptoRocket, please get in touch with support and we’ll examine the idea and add it to our improvements list.

If you need help depositing, just speak to our livechat and we can even ring you to walk you through it. We do callbacks!

Trade Safe, and more importantly, be safe during this pandemic.

CryptoRocket Support


Is CryptoRocket planning a Stablecoin; since it looks like only BTC is used at
this time?

yes they only deal with bitcoin i was saying i’m gonna suggest they start offering stable coin


Nice addition from CryptoRocket…

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anybody get an email from coinexx?

About what?


Yeah, it’s my favorite broker, BUT ! …
I haven’t investigated what I may need to do… they don’t explain what they
did; just give a list of dumbed down things to do. Re-installing the platform
is a disaster for most users; but it’s likely not needed… :frowning:

[EDIT] If I had to guess, I’d say they’ve changed their MT4/MT5 SERVER
endpoint addresses. If that’s all they did, it’s easy to pick up the new
server spec.

[EDIT2] Yeah, they’ve changed the endpoints, so no connection; and MT4
says “Account Disabled” but let’s see what we need to do to find the new
endpoint, if that’s what the problem is… [/edit2]

[EDIT3] It’s not good enough just to pick up the new Server
endpoint; account is shown as DISABLED so probably we
need to log into the Web Portal and do something before
they let us in… [/edit3]

[EDIT4] OK, logged into web portal, changed password, fortunately
google authenticator still works !! So from the platform “Open an Account”
is intended to refresh the endpoint; but I think that’s not up to date.
So re-installing their platform is how they are probably delivering the
new *.SRV files which are the real endpoint addresses. So, I’ll do a
dummy platform install and retrieve those *.SRV files, and maybe that
will work… [/edit4]

[EDIT5] this is a definite ShyteStorm since their platform download
for MT4 is now downloading installation for MT5 I’m on a chat with
their support now. A MESS [/edit5]


Greeting from Coinexx,

We have performed a key security update on our servers over this weekend. As a result of this update, a few users might experience issues while logging into their MT4 (or MT5) trading accounts.

In case you are facing any login related issues, please follow the below mentioned 3 steps to resolve them.

STEP 1: Reset MT4 / MT5 Account Password
Reset your MT4 (or MT5) account’s password from Client Portal - https://my.coinexx.com/accounts-operations
In case you do not know your Client Portal’s login password, you can quickly reset it using the “Forgot Password” button.

STEP 2: Reinstall MT4 / MT5 Platform

a) MT4 /MT5 Desktop Access:

Uninstall your existing MT4 /MT5 platform and then install our latest platform using the following links:

Once installed, open the MT4 / MT5 platform, and then:

  • Go to “File” > “Open an account”
  • "Open an account” dialog box appears
  • Click on “Add New Broker” and type “Coinexx”
  • Press enter and click on the Scan button. The Coinexx server (Coinexx Ltd) will get added
  • Click on “Next”
  • Select “Existing trade account” and Enter your “Trading ID” and “Password”
  • Click on “Finish”

b) Phone or i-Pad Access:

  • Go to “Settings” > “Manage Accounts” > “Login to an Existing Account” > In the search box, type “Coinexx” > Select “Coinexx-Demo” or “Coinexx-Live”, depending upon which account you are logging into > Add your “Trading ID” and “Password” > “Sign-in”

STEP 3: Reinstall EAs /Indicators
In case you are using any EAs (Expert Advisor) or Indicators on your account, they will need to be reinstalled.

The reason for this upgrade is simply to bolster the security protocols on our servers. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Kind Regards
Coinexx Support

Email ID: support@coinexx.com | Website: https://coinexx.com/ | Questions? Just ask at Live Chat

==> hyperscalper

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Yes, I get an account disabled message. I currently do not have funds with them. These are the reasons, I conduct 90% of business with the old faithfuls…Traders Way and FXChoice. I just never have any issues.