Going offshore to escape the CFTC

I have accounts with Coinexx and FX choice
looking to add more to have risk mitigation similar to yours.

Thank you for sharing your views on this subject
please update us on the LQDFX addition ( if you decide to add them)

im still working on getting LQDFX added as a trust broker on our list :pray:

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I just did ach, I’ll add lqdfx when those funds arrive. 4% is like a week’s worth of trading, I’ll pass on the fee.

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please report back on your experience so we can get LQDFX added as a trusted broker

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I sure will.

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FXGlory is one of our oldest listed offshore brokers. Their presence on our List dates back to 2012.

A lot of changes have occurred at FXGlory in recent years, but we have been slow to update our List with current information. Notably, FXGlory is now registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, although their head office remains in Dubai, UAE.

I have updated the FXGlory listing, and moved them to the Caribbean / Central America section of our Group 1 List.

Rather than clutter FXGlory’s new listing (on page 1) with a slew of red triangles, denoting all the recent changes, I will post their previous listing and their new listing here, for anyone who wants to review the changes.

This is the previous listing for FXGlory (now removed from page 1) —

• FXGlory (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Type: market-maker.
Regulator: not regulated.
Established in UAE 2011, in Georgia 2012, and in Bulgaria 2014.
Domiciled in UAE, offices in Rep. of Georgia.
Platforms: MT4, MT4 mobile, FXGlory Web Trader – Optional free VPS.
Min. initial deposit: 1 USD.
Max. leverage: 3000:1.
Min. position size: one micro-lot (0.01 std. lot).
Spreads: EUR/USD 2 pips, GBP/JPY 7 pips.
Bitcoin accepted.
Website: https://fxglory.com/
Email: Info@fxglory.com
Telephones: +995 (514) 000 000 (Georgia), +1 (888) 345-6995 (U.S. toll-free)

Here is the revised and updated listing for FXGlory, as it now appears on page 1, showing domicile in SVG, and new info on account types, account currency, swaps, instruments, terms and conditions, cryptocurrencies, and telephone numbers.

• FXGlory (St. Vincent and the Grenadines)
Note: This is a revised and updated listing for FXGlory, showing their new domicile in SVG, and other new or revised data. For information on specific changes to the FXGlory listing, see THIS POST.

Type: market-maker.
Regulator: not regulated.
Established in UAE 2011, in Georgia 2012, in Bulgaria 2014, and in SVG 2019.
Domiciled in SVG; main office in Dubai, UAE; service centers in SVG, Malaysia, Cyprus, U.K.,
and Switzerland.
Account types: Standard, Premium, VIP, and CIP.
Account currency: USD (only).
Swaps: all accounts are swap-free.
Instruments: 34 FX pairs, metals, oil.
Platforms: MT4, MT4 WebTrader, and MT4 Mobile (iPhone and Android).
Min. initial deposit: 1 USD (standard acc’t).
Max. leverage: 3000:1 (standard acc’t).
Min. position size: one micro-lot (0.01 std. lot).
Spreads: EUR/USD 2 pips, GBP/JPY 7 pips.
Bitcoin accepted. Other crypto-currencies accepted: Etherium, LiteCoin, Ripple, etc.
Discounts (up to 10%) available on crypto deposits to offset USD/crypto volatility.
Terms and conditions: LINK
Website: https://fxglory.com/
Email addresses: Info@fxglory.com and Support@fxglory.com
Telephones: +(1) 888 345 6995 (US, toll-free), and +(44) 800 086 9296 (UK, toll-free).

Interesting about FXGlory. Honestly can say I never considered them. They also seemed to be getting savaged on FPA recently.



Looking at 6 weeks of Forex Curency Strength “Volatility” we can see that as the
Pandemic has paralyzed business; the larger swings in Currency Valuations have
become restricted.

We are moving in the 3rd Week of the new normal but that does not really diminish the
opportunities found in Forex; it just means that things like News Events are dwarfed by the
disruptions of the Pandemic, and Currency Markets are pausing to figure out what the
future holds globally.




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Well if they are indeed a market maker model, their are just so many way better options in the STP/ECN model for us. If I wanted an mm, I’d trade with a US broker. It’s not the leverage so much or FIFO, they actual trading conditions are what has me offshore. Give me a decent STP/ECN option in the US, and protect my funds, I’d come stateside in a heartbeat.


For me to come back to USA 100:1 leverage minimum with STP/ECN and no FIFO and the ability to hedge. I will be back in USA tomorrow! Requirements to come back for USA.

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Item 1

It appears that FxBrew is now domiciled in Dominica, rather than Seychelles (as we show in the List).

This statement (from their Terms and Conditions) is the only reference I can find regarding their place of registration (domicile) –

“Unless a dispute would be governed by an applicable arbitration clause, you irrevocably agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the federal and state courts located within the Commonwealth of Dominica and hereby waive any objection to the convenience or propriety of venue therein.”

Can anyone confirm that FxBrew is now registered in Dominica?

Item 2

The suggestion by James (aka SmallPaul) that we designate LQDFX as a Trusted Broker is still on the table.

Two members, in addition to James, have cast a vote.

I’m waiting to hear from the rest of you.

Let’s vote this LQDFX recommendation UP or DOWN this week :slightly_smiling_face:


I will be funding LQDFX Wednesday, I will definitely provide feedback.


I cast my vote for them and will give them another shot. Their trading conditions are a bit unique, not a deal killer, however spreads are great. Im going to send some over as well this week.


What is the Coinbase/PayPal option on EagleFx? I never used it before. I don’t have a coinbase account anymore. Can I use it as a PayPal withdrawal option?

you generate a bitcoin address from coinbase for your withdrawal once you withdraw to coinbase you have a option at coinbase to withdraw to paypal

EDIT: What are my withdrawal options? | Knowledge Base

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:grin:“CashApp is the King” :+1::facepunch::green_heart:Ty SmallPaul

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I just cashed out from eaglefx to the cash App and to my bank account. This took 1Hr and 48 mins to do. Wow!

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yes sir, i love dealing with eaglefx, BTW if your withdrawals are not review and approve in 30mins go to their live chat and they will approve your withdrawals right there

EDIT: How long does it take to withdraw? | Knowledge Base

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Have noticed that LQDFX lacks 2fa. Will chat with them and see if thats something they could add.

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Good call, didn’t notice that. I know my other 4 brokers have it, if I remember correctly, eaglefx had to toggle it on.

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