Going offshore to escape the CFTC

I do love fxchoice

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Fxchoice and Hugo’s are my current two brokers as well

Have you tried depositing using their new bank info?

i just check my LMFX zero account i see their spreads are better then coinexx 50% of the time the only draw back for me i have to do wire transfer to deposit as they don’t use crypto

LMFX zero account commission is $4 per lot. So its cost is higher than coinexx.
Plus its leverage is 250:1, vs coinexx 500:1.

still a solid broker to spread my money around, never keep all your eggs in one basket

The similar ping, trading conditions, and UK office makes me wonder if FXBrew has any affiliation with Turnkey and Coinexx. It’s perfectly OK if they do. it would just change the risk equation for those of us trying spread out our assets across disparate infrastructure. Anyone have any insight? Is FXBrew using Turnkey?

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this is why i never use coinexx if i had a finpro or turnkey forex account because they all use turnkeyfx the same goes with fxbrew, turnkeyfx use the same type of website and trading condition that you see with coinexx, turnkey forex and fxbrew and of course there is other evidence

i also think lqdfx and lmfx use the same broker service, not turnkeyfx but another broker service so this is how i spread my money now





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I suspect he was overjoyed to receive a commitment from them that his funds would be returned. I also suspect it was under the stipulation that he tell the community everything is cool. He did that in good faith which slowed the avalanche of withdrawals Turnkey was likely suffering from. Now their books are back in balance and they are “forgetting” their agreement.

The other scenario is that this dude is openly attempting to scam Turnkey, an operation he just claimed is run by a crime family.

Either way, he has balls.


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turnkey forex never provided no evidence of trader scam, most offshore scam brokers use that as their excuse to scam traders, they also never responded after they got busted to explained their position

BTW: The forum is still open turnkey forex for you to defend your honor

Hey @SmallPaul, I read you were trading with lqdfx. I was too thinking of opening an account with them. Could please answer some questions? How long does it take for bank wire transfers and are they charging anything as transaction chargers? If I choose crypto for deposits, is bitcoin the only way to do it?

i deposit with bitcoin you can’t use coinebase or any other crypto exchabge you have to use a wallet. so i buy bicoin thru coinbase pro for small fee then i send the coins to my wallet thru Electrum, from there i send to lqdfx for a small network fee. i prefer bitcoin deposit much faster also you can get your withdrawals the same day using bitcoin sometimes less then 40min

okay great. but what about bank transfers? i heard they have transaction fees. even came across some complaints regarding their withdrawal process.

i don’t do bank transfers, like i said bitcoin withdrawals is same day if done early enough and i see my money in 40mins tops, you can go on their live chat and ask the questions about fees

EDIT: you can’t deposit by wire transfer unless you are business bank account holder but you can withdraw


Just an update that Coinexx appears to have resolved any
account deposit delays, with trading balances appearing
automatically within minutes on LTC transfers to USD accounts.


Well, it’s a remnant of “the old days” of Dealing Desks; but it can be seen
as a way of limiting “congestion” on the servers, although that’s a weak
excuse these days. I would not use any broker which did not allow for
order component placements anywhere. Nor cases where a Buy Limit
is converted to a different order type, such as Buy Stop due to its nearness to
the market. Unacceptable, these days… :frowning:

I actually specialize in “micro scalping” so unrestricted placements of orders,
such as inside the Bid/Ask spread, for example, is something I rely upon.


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so who’s your top offshore brokers on our list:?, here is my personal list of offshore brokers






Anyone use FXChoice’s new wire details for depositing? They are for EuramBank?