Going offshore to escape the CFTC

Just got this Email from LQDFX


Due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, many of the Financial Markets around the world have been experiencing extreme volatility this week. As such, the US Exchanges have been required to halt trading on numerous occasions.

With requests from the Exchanges and also numerous Liquidity Providers, leverages for the time being on indices have been changed from 1:50 to 1:10.

During these times of volatility, we recommend that our clients have sufficient margin in their accounts to cover any large moves in the markets.

We thank you for your continued support.

Kind Regards,
The LQDFX team

Your Loyal-Quality-Devoted FX Broker

tme – Thanks for providing more details about TradersWay and your difficulty with withdrawals. I use TW but, I’m not a good enough trader to have done any withdrawals yet. Your experience makes me a bit concerned about continuing to work with them.



Of course there are more non-disclosed partners, but I’m sure
some of you remember the Good Ole Days when U.S. persons
had access to Dukascopy accounts via a U.S. white label
I think it was FXDD not sure… a distant memory :frowning:

I have both native standalone API code, as well as MT4 based
access via business partners; but am considering pleading directly
for an account… :smile:


I did but it’s been several years ago. I no longer have that information. I was burned so I just do not use them. So long as I can get profits out of the broker then I really do not care. That’s what it is all about. Getting the money that is made!


I am not saying to not use TradersWay. I am just saying the pattern I saw the other user talk about with coinexx where they were getting the run around, that reminded me on what happend with me at TradersWay. So I verified with pulling money out of coinexx and they did it no problem. I do not understand why the other user on here is not getting their money out of coinexx.


Maybe the amount of the withdrawal is substantially larger? I was just wondering the same thing and that was my first question.

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Coinexx did 2.75K on TrueUSD transfer to abra on 3/12/2020 for me. I do not know why the other person cannot get money out. That was not deposits, its profits from trading. No problem yet but it took over a day to get it.

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Second time this year my attention has been drawn to Coinexx here regarding withdrawal problems. It’s difficult to know if it’s a real issue without knowing the details. My last withdrawal from them in February was OK. Took a few days, but it was completed. If anything, we all know that they are slow to process.

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yes i had a problem with coinexx withdrawal i post all my detail here i got my money in 7 days i stop using them for awhile went back and never had a problem again but there are other social media post where traders waited over the 72hr period to get their money but they got it.

it’s very important for traders to post their experience here to give other traders a head up before sht hit the fan

Great time to scalp crypto. Everyone is dumping. Volatility is very good.

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we talking about withdrawals i have to pump some of our other brokers on our list

LQDFX withdrawals always within 24hrs most within 12hrs

cryptororocket always got my withdrawals within 2hrs including weekends, true game changer

eaglefx always got my withdrawals within 2hrs including weekends, another true game changer

fxchoice withdrawals always within 24hrs



Who’s your preferred crypto broker? Why? I haven’t traded crypto since Evolve went to the dark side.

I was just reading about Tradersway on forex peace army and I saw so many complaints.
Also I love same day withdrawal:
EagleFx- same day withdrawal
Crypto rocket- same day withdrawal
FX CHOICE up to 24/48hrs
LQDFX -up to 24/48hrs
Coinexx is good too, but waiting up to 7 days withdraw your money, not for me.

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I do not trade crypto through a broker because I’ve yet to find any broker that is in touch with reality. Maybe it is okay for some, likely those that are trading the higher time-frames. But I have not found any broker offerings that are suitable for scalping. Just my opinion. Exchange trading is still the best choice for scalping, but the fees could be better.


FTX exchange good for crypto trade.


I have been with Tradersway since 2015. Many, many withdrawals, never longer than 48 hours complete from TW to crypto wallet to bank. I know there are some rules with certain deposit methods where you can only withdrawal up to what you deposited (cc for example) and then must use another method to withdrawal above the original deposit. Tradersway is by no means a scam, matter of fact, all things considered, spread, commission, execution, reliability…probably the BEST broker we have as US citizens.


Just to update everyone, I got my withdrawal of $7200 from Coinexx within 48 hours today. This was a profit that I had made recently. @joelle.ng I am wondering if you have got your withdrawal out, so that everyone can be aware


Was not aware of this exchange. Thanks for sharing. Website indicates that 3x leverage is available, but the fee chart indicates that 50x, 100x and 101x leverage is also available, but with additional maker/taker fees. Fees appear to be structured a bit differently than other exchanges, but with high leverage, looks like you could still be paying approximately the same amount. Unless I am not seeing it, it does not appear that credits are offered for maker fees? The fee structure is a bit hard to follow at first.

Website states that US residents are not being serviced. But, so does Bybit, and I know that you can trade there after bypassing their initial checks.

I am always happy to see more trading options.


Any way to deposit to TW without crypto for US residents? Crypto is just another risk factor , just look at recent huge drops.


Tether and USDC are also accepted and stable coins so crypto fluctuation wont matter.

Wthdrawal options are: Crypto, Fasapay and Perfect money.