Going to be the worlds first trillionaire

can you explain this calculation?

Yes both gbp chf and usd jpy are negative correlation to gold

there are several ways to calculate the correlation between two tradable instruments, but the most commonly used method is pearson’s correlation coefficient. This method measures the linear relationship between the returns of the two instruments over a specific time period.

Other methods include spearman’s rank correlation coefficient, which calculates the strength and direction, and kindall’s tau, which also measures the strength of association between two variables.

i could chat all day about correlations.

which method did you use to calculate your correlations?

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I go on the daily time frame correlation

Usd jpy flying

Looks like I’m on a winner today :blush:

the most recent trades that you placed are all going into the negative.

(usdjpy buy, gbpchf buy, eurchf buy, xauusd sell)


I’m in profit now

that is good news.

  1. are you trading a live account?

  2. what is your balance/equity?

  3. any chance you could post a screenshot of your equity curve?

good morning.


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@mrharrypooter Not sure you’ll get the answers you want.


We have all tried, so don’t waste time, it is what it is.


Yes trading live account

Thank you.

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No problem

If you are able, could you tell us what your balance/equity is and maybe take a screenshot of a platform generated equity curve?

It would make it much easier to follow along with your trades.

Thank you.

Don’t really want to tell my balance sorry, but I’m going to be posting my trades at 10 am Australian time each day to make it easier to follow hope that helps

So be online 10am Australian time



I won today flamingo

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Aud cad sell
EUR gbp sell
EUR Aud buy

ok, i gotta ask this… how close are we to becoming trillionaires?

i want to be richer than jeff bezos, in fact why dont we just buy amazon.com?