Going to be the worlds first trillionaire

I assume you jumped out of this one too. You didn’t list a stop loss on this setup, so that part is anyone’s guess

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No I still holding it and just sold again
I’m confident it’s going to

GBP usd 2nd sell entry

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Here’s the chart for your sell signal


Thank you :pray::+1:

Do you have access to charting software such as TradingView or even MT4?
If not, what are you basing your analysis on?

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I have special software I designed that spits out long term trades I’ve been perfecting it over 15 years
It is mainly based on boiler bands + rsi + candle reversal patterns

So it is visible on a chart, right?

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Yes the chart patterns are visible

Yes I look at charts too

Do you post a chart with your analysis anywhere? Or would that give away your secrets? I can understand if you’re protecting your work


Don’t post charts sorry yes thanks for understanding I’m protecting my hard work

Bollinger Bands and RSI are common. You van turn those off before posting.

PCE later tank it to 1.21

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In profit :+1:

Your GBPUSD Sell Re-Entry.
You didn’t list a stop loss on it, so the stop loss on the chart is arbitrary.

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Gold could go up Monday looks very tasty for a buy

Bitcoin cash buy entry 236

Thanks again

Using a 1:1 RR to see what happens

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Looks good I’ll enter on Monday with you