Good cent forex w/paypal

Hey everybody,

does anybody know some good forex brokers that use cent/micro accounts and have paypal? It’s quite hard to find brokers that you can trust.



Not only is it the best one with those criteria, but I believe it’s the only one!

There are so many good things about Oanda. You can even see their books, obviously your not seeing the big picture but it’s great that they let you access their books in real time, which is great for following the market on research days. When I say books, they will show you pivotal price levels and the amount of sellers versus buyers in limit orders, open positions, etc. You can see at certain price points, what the majority is, and in return, you can follow the market and see what happened at those pivotal points in price and time. If a broker doesn’t allow you access to their books, stay away. This is just one of many great features of Oanda.

Of course their platform isn’t the “Best” but it’s better than most other platforms, I love the fact that you can set your Market Orders for taking half off the table, and you can keep the window on top. Same with Limit Orders, you can open two boxes and set the windows to stay open. If your using 2 monitors (recommended) this is great for streamlining your interface.

I personally don’t need to use MT4 or any other Charting Software, but some people prefer to do all of their tracking in a separate charting software and then just use their broker’s platform to place the orders. IMO this is a huge disadvantage as you must know your broker’s platform like the back of your hand, and then some, before you even attempt to trade live with them.

There are a few buggy instances that I was quite disappointed with, and it’s going to happen from time to time, and to be safe just don’t trade during news.

The ultra low spread on the EUR/USD is lovely also. Love it. For me, since I only trade the EUR/USD, this is great. Better than an ECN in a lot of instances, as an ECN will charge you a commission, plus sometimes up to 1 PIP. At a .9 spread fee on the EUR/USD Oanda Market, it’s unbeatable.

Just by chance, anybody knows there chart time? Meaning charts GMT or GMT +2,3,4,…?

You can set it to whatever time you wish, unlike MT4
which is set to server time.

Thanks a lot, I’ll try this right now. A shame it hasn’t MetaTrader 4.

Thatar: Open up a Demo account (FX Game) with Oanda and learn the ins and outs of the platform.

What a day for trading, man oh man. My god. I gained about 200 pips each on two trades with the EUR/USD. Pivot points were crucial today, and when that news came, I had a Buy Order under the Pivot. I didn’t get tagged in, and the Euro just jumped straight up to Res 1. When it hit Res 1, I had two sell orders around 1.42. Low and behold it crashes down below the Pivot, Below Sup 1 and Below Sup 2 around 1.39. About a 207+ Pip move. Crazy day.

Following the Stock Market also, the market just went nuts.

Anyways, sorry for my off topic, just really excited from the movement that occured, good day.

ACM has paypal access. I’ve never used ACM or Oanda.

Can you trust ACM?

Use an MT4 demo account for charting, then place your trades with Oanda. That’s what I do.

Here’s a screenshot of my setup…

I’ve made an demo account and now I’m going to take a look. (OANDA)

I trade with them and they are a pretty decent broker. Good spreads and when you set a stop order you get it. They will became a bank this year, so I know my money is safe

Can you download the trading program for OANDA, or only run it via your browser? By the way, I want MetaTrader 4 because I have an EA for it.

You can download the platform. They call it FXDesktop and you can download it here.

Nice setup, similar to mine, I need to have my order boxes on a separate monitor though. You keep it clean though.

I found the MT4 Demo Servers lag a bit, even in smaller time frames, but I’ve only used the Alpari US server.

Is that the usual spread on GBP/JPY? IBFX just took down their spread on that pair by 1 pip and made a big deal about it, wow 7-8, whoohoo, now it’s so much easier to beat the spread…

What’s Oanda’s minimum for opening up a micro account?

Yeah, that’s the normal spread, and there’s no minimum to open an account.

GBP/JPY gets as low as 4.5 on occasion, but 90% of the time it’s between 5-6. Even in the lowest volume part of the Asian session it doesn’t usually go above 7-8.

If you trade EUR/USD it’s the best deal around. 0.9 spread during peak hours!

They post all their spreads for the last 7 days on their website. Here’s the link.